Little Feat “Little Feat”

Little Feat

Drop any preconceived notions you may have about this band and get this debut record. It’s a unique sound in their discography. A bluesy, roots rocker masterpiece with the loose feel of Exile on Main Street and the all around good presence of Manassas.

Formed under the wake of Frank Zappa, and even including former Mother, Roy Estrada on bass, Little Feat would go on, after their poorly selling debut record, to release albums with a different sound, featuring iconic sleeves by Weasels Ripped My Flesh artist Neon Park. I think it’s impossible to flip through a stack of used vinyl without finding that lady duck on the cover of Down on the Farm. Later Little Feat has its place, but we recommend this beast.

Some gems: there’s the beautiful, stripped-down Willin’, the song Zappa supposedly fired Lowell George over (either because it was too damn good for a session man or because it championed “weed, whites, and wine”). This song would be re-recorded by a later incarnation of Little Feat and become one of their most loved songs. A ripping Howlin’ Wolf tribute medley in Forty-Four Blues / How Many More Years is a nice feature. The album is great for a first listen because it just fills up the room with rock, but it is truly better as you delve in and listen more.

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“Snakes On Everything”

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  • Chris


    I can’t stop playing this one at the moment. Reminds me a lot of the themes and style of Jackson Browne’s “Running on empty”. A new favorite. Thanks.

    Keep ’em coming.


  • Erik

    Hi there, i discovered this band few months ago beginning with that album.As a #1 Rolling Stones fan it was just like discovering Exile on Main Street lost tapes..And i must say that i prefere this to Exile. The extraordinary blend of southern american music (country, blues, whatever u want ), alongside with good rockin is just amazing. Lowell George voice sounds like a link between Mick Jagger and Van Morrison, with Dr.John’s groove. Man, this is something. Some myths say that Jagger listened carefully to Little Feat’s first two LP,s when recording Exile On Main Street, and I’m sure it’s true..But where Exile lacks some tempo and maybe some spontanoeus feel too, Little Feat’s first LP sounds as naturally as it can be, totally free, relaxed and inspired. This is a great underrated album, a twin brother to a much more overrated but great too , Exile On Main St. One more thing – Little Feat rules!!!

  • good writing, thank You, i listened to them a lot in the early seventies, great cover for probably being shot in LA. Manassas i also liked

  • Rob J

    Utterly overlooked album by an equally overlooked band. Their version of the Howlin’ Wolf track is almost the sole reason to get this debut album. I had it many years, but this excellent blog
    reminds me of just how good they were.

    “Dixie Chicken” however is the masterpiece, and should be brought on sight.

    RIP Lowell and Richie.

  • Len Liechti

    One of THE great American bands. I think I’m on record elsewhere on the Storm as saying that Waiting For Columbus (the two-CD version, in particular) is the best live album ever recorded, by anyone . . . .

    I recently scored a copy of a Feat album from 2000 called Chinese Work Song in a charity shop. I’m always interested to hear what my old heroes sound like in their dotage; sometimes they’re still fine (Doobie Bros) and sometimes disappointing (Eagles). This one rocks like it’s still 1970. Great work from Barrere and the lads. If you find this, buy it.

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