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Don’t miss our new weekly feature at Aquarium Drunkard. If you having been reading music/mp3 blogs for a while there is no doubt you’ve clicked across the Drunkard.¬† Make sure you’re subscribed over there for some of the finest interviews, news, and reviews in the music blogosphere; and now, once a week, classic gems recommended by yours truly. So far we’ve pulled out some lost Kinks and Margo’s lovely Take a Picture. So check it out and stay tuned for some of our favorite records that you might’ve missed here.

We are more than proud to be a part of the team at

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  • Great news. Two of the best blogs out there join forces…

  • You know it’s funny, I was just actually doing a comment on Blogcritics, specifically a post by Confessions of a Fanboy and I was listing some sites that cover bands both indie and label and that you aren’t a sellout of being on UMe or Epic and I put AD’s site b/c well, I went to HS and College with him and am a big fan and link to him on my site and also link to you and was going to add you to the comment as another site that isn’t biased about music, just focuses on good music (I think I had you labeled as the best site Ive seen on WP). Anyhow it is ironic or karma or kismet or whatever that I saw you are now posting weekly on AD. Heh…talk about driving home a point and perfect synergy. Seeing this news makes me happy. I’m sure it make J happy as well. Anyhow I’ll try to be less of stranger.

    Very cool, because i came across you totally not thru JG, but I guess all roads lead to Rome :).

    Keep up the good writing here….this still is one of the best sites on the web regarding music, both in content and layout. I wish I had your smooth categorizing methodology, alas my ADD kind of messed up the whole “category” – “tag” thing before it was too late. Now I just follow music without a compass.

    Anyhow that comment link was here in case you are curious.



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