Off Track | 36 Chambers

Enter The Wu Tang 36 Chambers

This is a masterpiece, but really not too far off track here. The spirit behind this self-made debut is in sync with some of these obscure garage records. Instead of a guitar and amp set from Sears and a thrift shop drum kit, Wu Tang scrapped it together with an Ensoniq EPS, SP-1200, and a crate full of seriously good records. RZA stands next to Brian Wilson on my hero wall. This is off track so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

“Bring Da Ruckus”

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  • Anonymous

    top 5 greatest hip hop albums ever…

  • Neil Cake

    what a record. It’s one of those albums that makes you compare to it every other record in the genre, but one day you realise you have to stop doing this because EVERYTHING pales in comparison to it.

    I’m digging 8 Diagrams at the moment too.

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