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Hank Williams “Cherokee Boogie” (The Unreleased Recordings)

Bob Dylan and the Band “Quinn The Eskimo” (The Genuine Basement Tapes/Biograph, 1967)

The 13th Floor Elevators “You Don’t Know” (Sign of the 3-Eyed Men – Live 1966)

The Beau Brummels “Two Days Til’ Tomorrow” (1967 45 release)

Carl Perkins “Gone, Gone, Gone” (The Dance Album, 1958-)

The Blue Things “The Man On The Street” (1966 45 and on self-titled album)

Willie Nelson “Yesterday’s Wine” (Yesterday’s Wine, 1971)

John Fahey “A Raga Called Pat, Part IV” (The Voice of the Turtle, 1968-)

The Electronic Hole “Love Will Find A Way III” (The Electronic Hole, 1969)

The Sons of Adam “Saturday’s Son” (1966 45 with Randy Holden)

Johnny Cash “Time Changes Everything” (Now, There Was A Song, 1960)

The Avengers “Daniel The Postman” (1968 45 by a great New Zealand psych pop band)

The Ballroom “Spinning, Spinning, Spinning” (1967 single from Magic Time cd)

Clip from “Diamond Head” by The Beach Boys (Friends, 1968-)

The Beach Boys “When Girls Get Together” (Landlocked, 1970)

Clip from “Diamond Head” by The Beach Boys (Friends, 1968-)

OWL “Gabriel” (Of Wondrous Legends, 1971)

The Bobby Fuller Four “My True Love” (1966 45)

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