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1. You’d Better Think Twice by Poco Deliverin’ (1971)

2. Cat Man by Gene Vincent and the Blue CapsS/T (1957)

3. Coal Tattoo by Billy Edd Wheeler – Love (1971)

4. They Can’t Hurt Me by The LyricsBack From The Grave Vol. 1 (1965)

5. Goodbye To Mary Jane by Mike and the RavensNevermore (1963)

6. The Stones I Throw by Levon & the HawksA Musical History/Box Set (45 from 1965)

7. Be A Friend by The Morning Dew – No More 1966-1969 (45 from 1967)

8. Waiting For Something by The TokensIntercourse (1968-)

9. Hey Porter by Johnny CashWith His Hot and Blue Guitar (bonus track of 1955 45)

10. Be My Girl by The RationalsThink Rational/Fan Club LP (1966)

11. Seasons Change by Jerry Jeff WalkerFive Years Gone (1969)

12. Come Tomorrow – Kenny and the KasualsThings Gettin’ Better/Nothing Better To Do (1966)

13. Sunny Day Blue by Fargo – Fading Yellow 6/Fargo lp (1968-)

14. Get Your Rocks Off by Bob Dylan and the BandThe Genuine Basement Tapes Vol. 2 (1967)

15. Jailhouse Rock by Dean Carter – Call of the Wild (from 1967 45)

16. Train Song by the Flying Burrito BrothersHot Burritos Anthology (45 from 1969)

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  • Brendan

    Really enjoyed this one, J! Thanks for puttin on some under appreciated Jerry Jeff, I can’t stop listening to the man. You were right about Deliverin’ too, kick ass lead off. And that has to be the scariest version of Jailhouse Rock in existence.

  • Jason

    I will do a post of that Jerry Jeff Walker album soon (I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while)…..thanks for the good words though. I know it’s a bit of a mish mash of tracks but I figure they are a good sampling of what this site is all about…plus it’s cool to listen to a few old favorites as well as some artists that are somewhat unsung.

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