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1.  Go and Say Goodbye – Buffalo Springfield (1966)

2.  The Lost World – Peter Grudzien (1960’s)

3.  Eight Days A Week – Spur (1969/1970)

4.  Make You Mine – Fingletoad, Strange and Siho (1970)

5.  Cold, Cold World – Blaze Foley (1975-1978-)

6.  Ain’t No Use – Moby Grape (1967)

7.  Goin’ Down To Texas – Moby Grape (1971)

8.  You Been Cheatin’ On Me Honey – Riley (1971)

9.  You Just May Be The One – The Monkees (1967)

10.  Innocence Song – Cowboy (1971)

11.  Going To Nevada – Bluebird (1970)

12.  Here Comes The Blues Again – Delbert McClinton and Glen Clark (1972)

13.  The Seventh Son – Dion (1965)

14.  You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Bob Dylan and The Band (1967)

15.  Just Me And Her – Whistler, Chauncer, Detroit And Greenhill (1968-)

16.  Last One Asleep – Wilson McKinley (1969)

17.  Rat Faced Dog – Little Feat (1970)

18.  Faithless Lady – Cambridge (1977)

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  • Nick

    thanks for this! made my six hour greyhound trip the other day much more enjoyable, not to mention has provided me with a whole new list of things to keep me eyes out for.

  • ogie

    I still feel Cowboy is one of the unsung heroes of country rock. Their harmonies and lyrics were sensitive, and explored the interactions of bluegrass, folk and rock, while not losing the innocence that was missing from later Poco and Eagles albums….all too slick and over produced. Thanks for including them in this PODCAST!

  • Wes

    Another great Stormcast. Where is that version of Cold, Cold World from?

  • phil spector

    great to see this underrated band CAMBRIDGE, i finally found a copy of the Lp and it is really great (i think it deserves a post on TRS)… i love their subtle use of keyboards (every Americana band of today will want to that sound!!)

  • Dan

    Please repost! I picked up your guest slot on Aquarium D. but somehow missed this. great stuff… keep it up.

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