PODCAST 3 Cool it Down

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Hosted By Liz


Moby Grape “Hey Grandma”

Link Wray “God Out West”

talk set: bed = Miles Davis “Black Satin”

George Harrison “I Dig Love”

The Remains “Time Of Day”

The Kinks “Sweet Lady Genevieve”

The Beach Boys “Little Bird”

clip from “The Who Sell Out”

The Monkees “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You”

Gandalf “Golden Earrings”

The Zombies “I Know She Will”

Eye of The Storm
Bill Fay “Till The Christ Comes Back”
clip from Song Cycle by Van Dyke Parks
Little Feat “Willin'”

The Velvet Underground “Cool It Down”

Tony Schwartz “Bill Bones” (street recordings)

Tom Waits “Earth Died Screaming”

Fairport Convention “Si Tu Dois Partir”

The Basement Tapes “Million Dollar Bash”

Tintern Abbey “Vacuum Cleaner”

Commercial for The Move
The Move “Do Ya”

Classic Closer

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  • Brendan

    Not my day today. Sorry if you were checking in this morning, because I botched this post up so many times. Redownload the mp3 if you were here, it was all messed up. Things are probably still screwy.. sorry. It’s just not my day today.

  • Absolutely love the podcast. Some of my favorite bands, and most of the songs were totally new to me. Keep it up!

  • Thanks for the shout-out.

    Nice program.

  • The Matching Mole

    I sure am enjoying these podcasts, friendo. It’s not often that someone can turn me on to so much tasty, groovy tuneage, but you are doing just that. And including the incredible, indelible, godlike Tintern Abbey in a podcast? I am all a-tingle! My bank account trembles in fear at what I’ll be purchasing because of this site, but I, however, will happily buy some Mighty Child and Link Wray LPs. All because of you.

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