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The Rising Storm Podcast - Country Rock Special

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Clip from: Hank Snow “The Blue Velvet Band”

Buck Owens “Before You Go”
Fairport Convention “If (Stomp)”
Guilbeau and Parsons “Your Gentle Ways Of Loving Me”
Ernie Chaffin “Feelin’ Low”
Everlys “You Done Me Wrong”

Clip from: The Dillards “Sundown”

Merle Haggard “The Longer You Wait”
Buffalo Springfield “A Child’s Claim to Fame”
James Carr “My Adorable One“
Byrds “Wasn’t Born To Follow”

Clip from “True Grit” 1969 (John Wayne & Robert Duvall)

Brinsley Schwarz “Hymn To Me”
Wynn Stewart “Wishful Thinking”
Euphoria “Through A Window”

Clip from: The Dillards “Sundown”

Gene Clark “Tried So Hard”
Webb Pierce “Groovie Boogie Woogie Boy”
Flying Burrito Brothers “Wheels”
Louvin Bros “Cash On The Barrelhead”
Mickey Newbury “The Future Is Not What It Used To Be”

Clip from: Hank Snow “Answer To The Blue Velvet Band”

Hearts and Flowers “Rosana”
Lee Hazlewood “By The Way (I Still Love You)”

Classic Closer
Rolling Stones

Clip from: The Dillards “Sundown”

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  • Love the podcasts. Keep it up!

  • Dave

    Fantastic podcast – my favourite so far! Particularly enjoyed that Buck Owens track – some lovely pedal steel playing. Webb Pierce track is great too – how old is that? Lyrics sound like they were written in the 70s by George Clinton. Everlys track is great too – which is a good album of theirs to get?

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to post – most enjoyable show.

  • Stranger

    Thanks, Dynamo!

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the comments. The Pierce song is from 1949. Proper records has a nice (and very affordable) 28 track CD of his early stuff (1949-1953). http://www.propermusic.com/

    Definitely pick up the album that Everly Br. song is from – “Roots” They also released a country album in 1958 called “Songs Our Daddy Taught Us”. And released loads of great material on Warner Bros. Check out “It’s Everly Time” (1960) and “Two Yanks in England” (1966 w/ Hollies). “Walk Right Back” is a nice 2 CD set comp of their Warner Bros recordings…

  • Dave

    Excellent! Thanks for the Everlys tips. I’ll keep an eye open for those records. I’ve got their cover of ‘T for Texas’ on a compilation album, which is fantastic. And now I see it’s on that ‘Roots’ album so I will definitely grab that.

  • Richard Starlight

    I can barely believe my good fortune at finding this site and these outstanding podcasts! I signed up immediately on iTunes. Episodes 1-9 don’t seem to be available for download anymore, though they still play on this site’s media player. The thoughtfulness that goes into each show is amazing and needs to be preserved! Is there is any way to download the first batch?

    I feel like I’ve stumbled into a hidden cove packed to the dome with gleaming treasure! Thank you. Mr. Curator!

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