Randy Newman “12 Songs”

12 Songs

Randy has a voice that works for any audience. I think his varied and rather awesome body of works helps prove this: ex 1. ex 2. ex 3. I hate to bring it up again (does every record I listen to have Clarence White on it?) but gaddang I love the original Old Kentucky Home with many renewed thanks to cw (I’ve always been more familiar with the BB version).

Mama told me not to come. Rabbit Rabbit. Happy new year!

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  • Look who’s here grabbing Harlem Moon – how fortuitous!

  • Duncan Walls

    If you’re like me (enjoying this blog and the Adios Lounge blog, yes, everything I listen to has Clarence as of late. I’ve done at least three comps for friends lately before Christmas that had more than 5 Clarence cuts a piece on them. The man was a genius, the Jimi Hendrix of Acoustic Americana.
    As for Randy, this LP and the “Nilsson Sings Newman’ Lp occupy their own temple in my lifetime listening room.. ..from atime when I would buy nearly EVERYTHING on Warner Brothers/Reprise, stock & collect and trade and barter and steal every promo I could find.

  • Duncan Walls

    Oh, yeah and your ‘Also recommended…’ what, did you buy my collection of vinyl after I sold it all 13 years ago? These are all essential LPs for me. The Beau Brummels Triangle & Bradley’s Barn are CRUCIAL LPs…the Everly Brothers 45 with Clarence & Gene Parsons doing The Cuckoo b/w I’m On My Way Home Again, Bobby Charles…Whew! and The PAupers! HAven’t heard that one in years…where am I going to find that one? Red Telephone probably…Des must have it somewhere.

  • Brendan

    Glad you found us today Duncan. Just so you know, those Also Recommended lists are clickable links of past reviews we’ve written. I would consider it a lucky honor if one of your records had ended up in my collection. We’re based in the Hudson Valley so it’s not entirely impossible. Cheers.

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