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News: Catch the Storm on Drunkard

Don’t miss our new weekly feature at Aquarium Drunkard. If you having been reading music/mp3 blogs for a while there is no doubt you’ve clicked across the Drunkard.  Make sure you’re subscribed over there for some of the finest interviews, news, and reviews in the music blogosphere; and now, once a week, classic gems recommended by yours truly. So far we’ve pulled out some lost Kinks and Margo’s lovely Take a Picture. So check it out and stay tuned for some of our favorite records that you might’ve missed here.

We are more than proud to be a part of the team at

Best Reissue of the Years 2007-2008

Bob Martin “Midwest Farm Disaster”

Try to read any customer or user review of Midwest Farm Disaster and end up finding a host of incredible stories. Bob Martin is an unrecognized music hero and this record is brilliant and perfect. Self-reissued on CD Baby, the album’s about loss and hard hard times. If you ever bought a Dylan or Van album consider this essential. This is the one I came back to the most last year.

Read about it here, here, and here. must mention that stwof hyped it all year.

Thanks for the heads up to Jason, read his review here.

:D Buy it at CD BABY | Riversong ]

Runners Up
Sundazed – Dennis Wilson “Pacific Ocean Blue”
World In Sound – Cold Sun “Dark Shadows”
El Records – Gilberto Gil “The Sound of Revolution”
Shadoks – The Contents Are “Through You”
Raven – Richie Havens ” Richard P. Havens 1983″
Rev-Ola – Q65 “Nothin But Trouble – The Best Of”
Manifesto Records – Flo & Eddie s/t
Domino Records – Robert Wyatt Catalogue
Wayback Records “Scream Loud – The Fenton Story”
Dusty Groove – Gal Costa “1969”
Sundazed – Moby Grape Catalogue


More Runners Up
Jade “Faces of Jade”
First two Idle Race albums
Tamam Shud Goolutionites

Jim Ford – Point of No Return
What were your favorite reissues from the last two years?

News: Latest Reissues

I wish we could write a review on every reissue that pops up, but due to the growing multitude of quality reissue labels out there, the task is too much for one blog to handle (so far). Still, we love re-releases here at The Rising Storm, and are committed to informing our readers about the latest and greatest.

The newest feature on our sidebar is a list of the 10 latest recommended reissues. We hope to keep this list of CDs, LPs, DVDs, and magazines updated weekly. If you would like to inform us of a great release we may have missed, please feel free to use the Suggest A Reissue form just below the list.

For an archive of our selected reissues go to:

Big thanks to readers, commenters, and contributors as always!

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News: Music Blog Survey

This questionnaire came thru the mail and I find it interesting, so if you’re not busy maybe you could take a couple minutes and fill it out. Try our podcast if you need some background music.

“Help policy makers, record company executives, artists and promoters alike better understand the new phenomenon of music blogging by filling out this short questionnaire. By answering these questions you are helping to define a very important aspect of the current music industry and we appreciate your help.

The results will be used alongside Hitwise data from over 2,500 blogs to give us the first large-scale study into a specific area of blogging. We believe this will be an exciting and interesting study that will help us to better understand the music blogshpere and its impact on the music industry. “


While you’re at it, send any suggestions or questions you might have for this site my way. It’s summer time and the blogging is easy but I have every intention of continuing and improving THE RISING STORM.

Big thanks to the readers out there, as always.

News: The New Rising Storm

It’s been about one year of album reviews at and I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately. Scores of other blogs seem to be sharing full albums. I am completely lost about the state of copyright, vintage music, and the internet. All I know is that I feel comfortable sharing 1 or 2 mp3’s from these great lost albums and I wouldn’t feel comfortable publishing anything more.

Rather than give it all I up, I’ve decided to forge ahead. And lately (thanks to the fine new Bobb Trimble and Moby Grape releases) I have developed a deadly interest in vinyl reissues. I hereby vow to reignite my vinyl collection with both original and reissue albums and as for CDs, I will only invest in very nicely packaged reissues. Best of all, I hope to do it all through this site with the help of Jason, Stranger, other bloggers, friends, and some new recurring features we are going to try out this year.

We will continue to focus on reviews of course, I don’t think we could stop ourselves. It’s just that throughout, we are going to highlight some New & Upcoming Reissues, feature a few Off Track albums that aren’t necessarily within the realm of rock music, reveal some of the Rarest Vinyl we have gotten our hands on (or at least our ears), and we’ve got some other cool features coming up that I’m excited about. Essentially, I want to try to grow this site up a bit, and become a genuine and legitimate resource for people who want to build an awesome and historically founded record collection.

I almost forgot, there will be a Podcast as well.

The Storm is still Rising! Many thanks to visitors and contributors. This is all for fun and music.

(Thanks to michael and associate for the redesign.)