The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds”

Pet Sounds

I’ll be honest with you here. Nobody is reading this web-log today. It doesn’t even really exist. I’m the only one who knows about it and I’m just, sort-of, trying it on. The only reason I’m presenting this, the most classic and essential of all great rock albums, is to test out the site and make it look like there’s something here.

The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

Please Buy Pet Sounds If You Don’t Already Have It

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  • Brian

    Hey thanks for the add! Nice site.

  • Sir James Chart Freak

    I bought the album on vinyl, then the vanilla CD, then the CD with bonus tracks, then the CD with mono and stereo together, and the boxed set of the Pest Sounds sessions, and I also have a Gold Disc of it on my wall, so I’m pretty much Petsounded out!

  • hi, pet sounds it’s the greatest. I’ve benn searching for psychedelic sunshine blogs (i’m in argentina) and your blog is awesome. Please, listen my band (in website). All my music is a tribute to Pet Sounds, i’m sure you gonna like it. Hugs friend

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