News: The New Rising Storm

It’s been about one year of album reviews at and I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately. Scores of other blogs seem to be sharing full albums. I am completely lost about the state of copyright, vintage music, and the internet. All I know is that I feel comfortable sharing 1 or 2 mp3’s from these great lost albums and I wouldn’t feel comfortable publishing anything more.

Rather than give it all I up, I’ve decided to forge ahead. And lately (thanks to the fine new Bobb Trimble and Moby Grape releases) I have developed a deadly interest in vinyl reissues. I hereby vow to reignite my vinyl collection with both original and reissue albums and as for CDs, I will only invest in very nicely packaged reissues. Best of all, I hope to do it all through this site with the help of Jason, Stranger, other bloggers, friends, and some new recurring features we are going to try out this year.

We will continue to focus on reviews of course, I don’t think we could stop ourselves. It’s just that throughout, we are going to highlight some New & Upcoming Reissues, feature a few Off Track albums that aren’t necessarily within the realm of rock music, reveal some of the Rarest Vinyl we have gotten our hands on (or at least our ears), and we’ve got some other cool features coming up that I’m excited about. Essentially, I want to try to grow this site up a bit, and become a genuine and legitimate resource for people who want to build an awesome and historically founded record collection.

I almost forgot, there will be a Podcast as well.

The Storm is still Rising! Many thanks to visitors and contributors. This is all for fun and music.

(Thanks to michael and associate for the redesign.)

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  • Bennett

    Excited about the changes! I’m a regular viewer of the site and it’s pretty cool already. I’m stoked to see what you come up with. Also, I don’t really remember the color-changing background, so I’m guessing it’s new, too. Pretty crazy, but is there a time out? It was fun to start, but it is giving me a bit of a headache. Thanks!

  • Brendan

    Good idea. Thanks for mentioning. I put something called Theme Switcher at the very bottom of the sidebar. If you click on Black Background and refresh a few times or delete your cache, it should get rid of the psychedelic background! Maybe I need to tone this new one down. There are still a few kinks I’d like to have fixed in the next couple of days. But i love the kinks.

  • This new theme looks quite good, and the changing colours of the background matches perfectly with the spirit of this page, everything seems paceful and loveful… Or maybe it´s just “Remember A Day” that it´s sounding right now.


  • Brendan,

    The new site looks great. Of course the old one did too (and I’m pretty sure the colors always changed). The moving pieces of rock and roll art in the banner are very impressive.

    The Rising Storm is definitely going places. I’m looking forward to the podcasts and the other features.

    I wouldn’t worry about only posting a few tracks per album. I come here for your selections and the insightful reviews. In the past year I’ve learned a ton from this site. (For instance, I didn’t know about the band your site is named after. And they’re great). So thanks for sticking with it.

    I can see myself buring out around this time next year (on my website), so I will be especially interested to see how the new approach goes. This is a good model to follow.

  • Alex

    The new layout looks terrific. It’s easier to read and looks even better. I am even happier about the focus on vinyl reissues. While it is incredible to own original vinyl, many of us can’t find/afford originals. I love finding a record reissued that I thought I would never own. Hopefully more and more classic albums that are impossible to find on wax will see reissue. I look forward to the new additions on the site. Thanks for all your time and effort. This blog makes my day.

  • new site looks great! the first part of your post had me worried – glad to know you’re growing rather than cashing in. I’ve discovered a number of great new-to-me acts, plus songs I hadn’t heard by people I did know. I’m probably downloading every other track you put up. Looking forward to listening to the podcast.

  • Alton

    The Rising Storm is a nearly daily visit for me. Thank you for reminding me to listen to tunes i’d forgotten and turning me on to more than I could have imagined.

  • Kenneth

    Very nice new updated site, Brendan & co.! I look forward to your futures!
    I also hope to contribute another review sometime soon…

    Warm regards!

  • Uncle Nicky

    Hello Rising Storm, I never really say how great this blog is before. You do a lot great stuff here. You have open my musical world. A job well done!! Now that I have joined the blog world also. I like make a comment to you and try to stay up with you on new posts. You deserve a lot more then just great comments. With much love……

  • Jay

    I love the new look! And of course have always enjoyed the songs. Great new links section too.

  • RF

    Hey TRS. I’m digging the layout. I always thought the color changing background was awesome. As far as full albums, I actually prefer one or two. It gives me a sample, then if I like it, I can seek out more on my own. Thanks for the good work.

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