Todd Rundgren “Something/Anything?”

Something /Anything

Released in 1972 as Todd Rundgren’s 3rd solo album, all the parts were played and produced by Runtgreen himself, excluding side 4 which was performed with a backing band. Though most of it would feel about right on Lite 97, there’s no denying the cool, and when people doubt you for throwing it on, they miss the point.

The big hits here are “I Saw The Light,” easily recognized from pop radio, and the beautiful Nazz redo, “Hello It’s Me.” Electric bass guitar, piano and electric keyboard, clean drums, a variety of percussion instruments, large-scale vocal layering comprise some elements on these familiar, warm tracks. Furthermore, some rockist yelps in “Slut” and “Piss Aaron” and straight up weird songs like “I Went To The Mirror.” It’s a long double record, so we have tracks like the vocoded “Breathless,” the Wurlitzer (?) led “Carousel Burnt Down” with its psychy meltdown. Elsewhere: bits of dialog and blubs, tricks with analog tape, all sorts of things you would do with a pet project, I guess.

This is one of those records that if trimmed from a double album to a single album would have been utterly perfect.

Todd Rundgren is a gift to the history of recorded music and we better just buckle down and get used to the record. The Beach Boys are universally cool now, so there’s no reason to deny this light pop masterpiece. Previously we covered Todd’s brilliant A Wizard, A True Star.

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“The Night The Carousel Burnt Down”

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  • alec julian ferrer

    I Like the Favorite song is: THE NIGHT CAROUSEL BURNT DOWN. That really i like the album from: Todd Rundgren Something/Anything?. But I’m Alec. Alec is my favorite song. We Make A CD Album Name is: AJ ZAMT INSTRUMENTAL AND VOCALS. 3-Disc and 25 Tracks. But we Have A Name Tracks Like: The Want Of A Nail, Something To Fall Back On, Medley: Itch In My Brain/Love With A Thinker, Abandon City, Sometimes I Don’t Know What To Feel, Sweet, Sweeter Memories, The Night Carousel Burnt Down, Real Man (Vocals), Sidewalk Cafe/Izzat Love?, An Elpees Worth Of Toons, The Last Ride, It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference, Can We Still Be Friends (UTOPIA Live in Tokyo 1979), Love Is The Answer, Medley: I’m So Proud/Ooh Baby Baby/La La Means I Love You/I Saw The light, Real Man (Instrumental),Medley: Lost Horizon/What’s Going On/Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You, Feel It, Eastern Intrigue/Initiation, The Spark Of Life, Fair Warning & A Treatise On Cosmic Fire Medley:INTRO-PRANA/THE FIRE OF MIND or ” Solar Fire”/THE FIRE OF SPIRIT or ” Electric Fire “/DRUNKEN BLUE ROOSTER/OUTRO-PRANA.

  • alec julian ferrer

    My Favorite CD Album is: Something/Anything?, Initiation, A Cappella Tour, Live in Chicago 1991, Liars, Todd, Live at the Roxy 1978, Utopia (Oblivion Tour) & Utopia Live in Tokyo 1979. From Album: TODD RUNDGREN & UTOPIA.

  • alec julian ferrer

    Hello I’m Alec Julian. My Favorite Album is: Something/Anything?, A Wizard/A True Star, Todd & Initiation. (1972) Something/Anything?. 25 Tracks and 2 Disc. (1973) A Wizard/A True Star. 19 Tracks and 1 Disc. (1974) Todd Album. 17 Tracks and 1 Disc. (1975) Initiation. 7 Tracks and 1 Disc.

  • Hello, Brendan! The keyboard sound in the “Carousel” intro is a Clavinet with Phaser effect. Brilliant album!

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