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The Grateful Dead's best album?

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While we’re working on the next podcast, let’s hear what you have to say about the GD debut.

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A1 The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) 2:09
A2 Beat It on Down the Line 2:29
A3 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 5:56
A4 Cold Rain and Snow 2:26
A5 Sitting on Top of the World 2:01
A6 Cream Puff War 2:25

B1 Morning Dew 5:00
B2 New, New Minglewood Blues 2:31
B3 Viola Lee Blues 10:09

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  • Nice site. We have very similar tastes in terms of classic country rock, alternative country, Byrds, mixed in with some vintage punk, etc.

    Not a Deadhead by any means, altho I played one back in High School, but love the early blues-drenched stuff from their early days. This has always been the most timeless Dead album for me, altho the best would probably still be American Beauty/Workingman’s — take your pick.

  • Classic. A good mix of originals and reframed tradsong, thus laying a solid foundation for the remainder of their work. Nice diversity of energy, too — good to hear such crashbang coming out of a band sadly known so much for chunky slowbeat rockers and slow noodlers. Jerry in rare form, and the band in solid party mode. 9 of ten, i think, with the lost point primarily for being so short.

  • alllal

    I love the Dead but it’s far from their strongest album: 7 stars.

  • JEFF

    I was surprised by how much I liked this LP. As a younger Dead fan, this album speaks to my love of punk/garage/Velvets style guitar music. The Dead would make better albums for sure. This LP is a little dated and the singing would improve (as would the lyrics), but I still like this album for the what it is. The CD reissue from a couple years ago is GREAT. I would recommend it highly.

  • Bob Colby

    Not my favorite Dead album by far, (that would go to Europe ’72), but a strong first effort. Some songs are pretty weak (“Cream Puff War’ was the only song Jerry wrote lyrics for & for good reason), but the covers, especially “Morning Dew” and “Viola Lee Blues” are very well done. The Dead were never a great studio band, much better live, although some efforts (American Beauty, Workingman’s Dead, Mars Hotel & Wake of the Flood) are classics I still listen to frequently. The live stuff, almost all of it including Dick’s Picks, are the best way to appreciate what the Dead were about. The much-overlooked Without A Net, the last live album with Brent Mydland on keyboards, has an incendiary “Eyes Of The World” featuring Branford Marsalis.

  • JS

    There’s no other Dead album like this one. Although they haven’t yet developed into what I guess is commonly recognized as that mature Dead sound – the seeds for that development is here. I really love this album and think it’s a raw, spirited, & very ambitious effort. Cream Puff War & Sitting On Top of The World with their swing and syncopation, Viola Lee glues the seams. I give it a high 9.

  • Colin.oooo.

    This and anthem of the sun are my all time favorites. As odd as it sounds!
    Every song is like a fast paced punch. A sonic ride through the acid tests and the further bus. Their first two LPs were the soundtracks to the Merry Pranksters intrepid journeys.

  • Chauncey

    thanks you owsley

  • Say, this album is underrated if under 8-10. I enjoy each song, which carried through the dead’s career. Golden Road recording is a diamond. This is a fantastic site!

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