uReview: Jim Sullivan “U.F.O”

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I had heard a lot about Jim Sullivan’s UFO before Light in the Attic’s 2010 reissue and jumped at the chance to finally get my hands on a copy. This one won our poll of the best reissues from 2010, so from any big fans of this record, let’s hear your thoughts on it…

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  • sven

    Great, great album that takes some time to fully appriciate . Sounds fantastic on the highway too.

  • admin

    Alright, nobody is saying much about this one and that’s cool. But I am seeing some 5’s 7’s and even a 1-star rating on this! I need to hear something from the naysayers at least??

  • tosa steve

    “So Natural” alone is worth the price of admission, sublime. “Jerome” should have been a minor radio hit. Terrific playing throughout. Definitely creeps up on you. Spiritual brother to “Wolfing of LA”. It does seem to enhance the driving experience. Sing along to “Whistle Stop” – da dee da da, da dee da. “Roll Back the Time” is a bump in the road, but don’t be surprised if that’s the one you break out singing to your wife’s chagrin. Overall, great album with a great backstory. Light in the Attic did a bang up job on the packaging and detective work. As always.

  • Amazing album. And I say that as a 45 guy. This album, and more specifically the easier to find issue on Century Media which I managed to find in a Half Price Books on the outskirts of Austin, made me start actually looking through lp bins again. Jim’s story is strange as can be and he was obviously, obliviously talented. “Highways”, “Rosie”… trying to pick good songs, but every one is great.

    The follow up on Playboy derails a bit, but still has a few strong numbers that are almost as good as anything on UFO. A couple tunes from UFO get a makeover on the Playboy lp as well.

    So many emotions and memories of the past 5 years of my life connect with this record. God I love this album.

  • mik

    sorry i cant add any negative comments here.. this is a ten star album all the way, like another guy here says …some of the songs take time to grow on you, but others hit straight away, i adore this lp and give thanks to the light in the attic guys for rediscovering it for us, i seem to have a different favorite track every time i listen to it … always a sign of a great album.., i drove 50 miles to my nearset record seller to pick this up as soon as i heard it was reissued, and it more than lived up to expectations, i havn’t been this excited about a full album in a long time! :) I dont see how anyone could not like it, his voice is perfect , the string arrangements are wonderfull (especially on rosie) and the drums kick ass is this mix … there again i gave this cd to my father for his birthday and he hated it! some people just dont know what they are listening to !

  • RR

    this record is an argument for the whole reissue genre. a lost classic that has it all: history/mystery/beauty/significance

    no other private press LP comes close to this. sits right by Sister Lovers/Third and Oar as one of the crown jewels of record collectors

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