uReview: The Kinks in the 60s

Well that about does it for my reviews of 60s Kinks albums. But I’m curious to know what our readers have to say of their 60s output, and which are your favorite albums?

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So, what did you pick, and why?

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  • Chet

    I only know the last two records (and some singles) but I love both of them (especially arthur). I can’t wait to hear more albums by them.

  • (1) VGPS, (2) Arthur, (3) Something Else. These are my three favorite Kinks albums. (I know, not really imaginative). They are the Kinks in their most uniquely Kinks-y state. Musically and lyrically interesting rock and roll for grown ups. Wait 20 years and see how well these hold up against Pet Sounds, Sgt. Pepper, Music From Big Pink, VU & Nico, etc. I think they’ll be mentioned in the same conversation as among the greatest ever rock albums

  • For me it’s Arthur. The antiwar songs still ring as true today as 40 yrs. ago: Some Mother’s Son, Yes Sir No Sir… Victoria one of their all-time great songs, covered by many other bands. Mr. Churchill Says is another song from that album that still blows me away. And Arthur is the one Kinks album among these 6 that I had on Vinyl growing up. But it was my older brother’s copy of that first Kinks Greatest Hits record with all the classics, esp. Well Respected Man and Dedicated Follower, that made me a Kinks fan for life. Terrific series of posts.

  • myrna

    my fav song ist dead end street from 65. i don´t know, if it appeared on a regular lp.

  • I think the Kinks made a video, or short black and white film, of Dead End Street.

  • Brendan

    Dead End Street is one of my favorites too, thanks for the vid Barry.

    Well I wasn’t surprised to see VGPS go to the top, but I am surprised Something Else is doing so well. Must be Waterloo Sunset. Kinda and Kontroversy are neck and neck, wasn’t expecting that either!

  • Kevin D

    Even though VGPS is my top choice, Face to Face is (I think) the Kinks best album. And let’s not forget Waterloo Sunset, my favorite song by them. Still, Kontroversy kicks ass too. So many choices!

  • cody

    VGPS followed by Something Else, but Overall, I have to say Lola Vs Powerman is my favorite Kinks album. That one is just flat out perfect

  • M@

    VGPS is no surprise out of these. I love the Kinks catalogue perhaps better than any of their contemporaries work. I’d have to say though and I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but to me Muswell Hillbillies is that hands down greatest!

  • I’m going with Kontroversy. It just kicks the most ass. Sorry but that’s all I got.

  • dk

    Face To Face is my favorite Kinks album, although all of their 60’s stuff is excellent.

    I’m also a big fan of Muswell Hillbillies – an underappreciated gem in their catalog.

    Thanks for the extended Kinks coverage!

  • I agree with the two people who commented before me—Muswell Hillbillies is my favorite Kinks album–followed by VGPS, Something Else, and Arthur. For a long time I was sold on Village Green. I love the working-class traditionalist vibe on that album. But I’ve graduated to Muswell Hillbillies–there’s just something unique about it.

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