Best Reissue of the Years 2007-2008

Bob Martin “Midwest Farm Disaster”

Try to read any customer or user review of Midwest Farm Disaster and end up finding a host of incredible stories. Bob Martin is an unrecognized music hero and this record is brilliant and perfect. Self-reissued on CD Baby, the album’s about loss and hard hard times. If you ever bought a Dylan or Van album consider this essential. This is the one I came back to the most last year.

Read about it here, here, and here. must mention that stwof hyped it all year.

Thanks for the heads up to Jason, read his review here.

:D Buy it at CD BABY | Riversong ]

Runners Up
Sundazed – Dennis Wilson “Pacific Ocean Blue”
World In Sound – Cold Sun “Dark Shadows”
El Records – Gilberto Gil “The Sound of Revolution”
Shadoks – The Contents Are “Through You”
Raven – Richie Havens ” Richard P. Havens 1983″
Rev-Ola – Q65 “Nothin But Trouble – The Best Of”
Manifesto Records – Flo & Eddie s/t
Domino Records – Robert Wyatt Catalogue
Wayback Records “Scream Loud – The Fenton Story”
Dusty Groove – Gal Costa “1969”
Sundazed – Moby Grape Catalogue


More Runners Up
Jade “Faces of Jade”
First two Idle Race albums
Tamam Shud Goolutionites

Jim Ford – Point of No Return
What were your favorite reissues from the last two years?

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  • dk

    I will definitely check out the Bob Martin album. It must be amazing if it edged out Pacific Ocean Blue…

  • Ogie

    WOW, I got the Dennis Wilson album when it first came out and always felt it was better than the sales it garnered. It was overproduced in many ways, but I think Dennis was trying to be like his older brother, Brian.

    As for the Fenton release, I grew up in West Michigan in the 60’s and this CD compilation is wonderful…songs that have been out of view for so many years, some have lost their luster but they all show the garage band, blue collar rock n roll that was so prevalent in the Grand Rapids area and in Michigan as a whole.

    Bands like The Fredric, Phelegethon and others are also worth mentioning and are available on CD now. Worth noting are some of the areas local artists have grown up to be world famous, (Not counting the Detroit rockers we’re all familiar with). Dennis Fredrickson aka Fergie was auditioning for bands like Kansas and Styx before finally getting a gig as the 2nd lead singer for Toto, and local bad boy Charlie Huhn got to join up with Ted Nugent for a few years then went on to form his own band with British guitarist Garry Moore and then took over as lead singer/guitarist for Humble Pie and now fronts the latest incarnation of Foghat.

    Jazz buffs may want to visit Organissimo’s jazz sound, with former Phelegethon drummer Randy Marsh on board.

    With Verve Pipe on the verge of reforming, Grand Rapids still has a major talent pool…and a local listener sponsored radio station features them all daily! is the place to hear this and all the folk, blues, jazz, rock and world music you can handle.

    …and my new radio program Legacy is on 6-8 PM (Eastern Time) every Sunday night, soon to be podcast on my website noted in the link.

    Thanks for the great albums, comments and gems.

    Always a pleasure

    See you on the radio…


  • FROG DICK SOUTH DAKOTA is a great song! THANKS!

  • BTW – diggin’ on your header at the top there…psychedelic!

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