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Maybe not one of the top ten albums we’ve reviewed, but Bodine is as solid as it gets, loaded with tunes as good as anything played on classic rock radio today. You would think that stations would be interested in expanding their content with picks from the vast piles of unknown classics (Bodine included), but it’s still the same old hits, recycled day after day, some 40 years later. In any case, this little lost gem, produced by Bill Cowsill, is a strong promise from a band that would disappear after just one release.

The sound is influenced by country rock, with rural acoustic guitar driving back seat to funk bass lines and stabbing double tracked guitars. But the song structures have Ray Davies-ian 3-part movements and a strong Beatles influence, especially on the bouncy Statues Of Clay. Apart from this review, I think the vocal harmonies are cool, the backups strangely adding “eee’s” to the excellent Easy To See and trading vocal leads easily standing next to groups like Blood Sweat and Tears. It’s nice to find a record with a lotta soul made by some kids with seriously blue eyes.

I find it amazing a band so unknown could have such powerfully memorable songs, though not everything has aged wonderfully. Take It Back satisfies but teeters near television theme schmaltz. But the boys do manage to approach Jim Ford’s country funk on clear winners like Keep Lookin’ Through Your Window. If you give it a chance, you’ll find there really are no throwaways on Bodine’s only album.

This has never seen a CD release, who knows what it could sound like after a proper remaster. The record is relatively easy to find and affordable (mine was $4). Long due for a new release and reappraisal.

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“Short Time Woman”

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Not to be confused with the Dutch heavy metal band

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  • dk

    I can honestly say that this album has never crossed my radar until now.

    Thanks for the recco – it’s now on my wishlist…

  • It’s new to me as well. Bodine reminds me of the woefully undervalued Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

  • Pete

    This is too good to be so obscure. Amazing how much great music was made back then by people barely out of their teens.

  • Sweet tunes! I’ve never heard of this band before. Thanks for the intro.
    p.s. Adding you to the blog roll today. You have a fantastic site. Keep it up my friends!
    Jody and When You Awake

  • Dave

    Just fantastic! Right up my alley. Not heard of them before now, so as ever, thanks for the tip Brendan.

  • ludo

    Simply excellent !! Unbelievable that there’s no cd release..
    Greetings from Belgium!

  • Linda

    Memories from long ago. How sp0ecial to hear them again.Any suggestions where I can find a copy of this album? Linda Ann

  • Shawn Marie Hardy

    I found this for a buck at an antique store and it’s still one of my favorite lucky finds ever. Unbelievable that this still is still so obscure. I’m happy to have it.

  • Eliot Lothrop

    Just listening to my stepdads promotional copy of this from the 60s on the TT. Trying to find it a little about the band. It’s pretty ripping

  • Craig

    Thanks for the info about this band and album. I just picked it up at a flea market in San Jose, Ca. It’s a great album!

  • KJ

    Was specifically looking for this band today and hoping to download a couple songs. First got their album when I was 14 and a couple of the songs have come to mind recently while playing my guitar. Sad that they are not on iTunes. I do recommend a listen if you can find an LP.

  • Trapper Graves-Lalor

    What a lovely review! I’m Steve Lalor’s wife (he’s the one in the black hat), and he really enjoyed reading it. I’ve sent it to the drummer, Jon Keliehor. Thanks again. If you send me your email, I’ll let you know when the CD is out.

  • Greg

    One of my all time favorites! Produced by Bill Cowsill of The Cowsills…

  • Patrick

    Only just found out about this band and bought a copy this week and was not surprised that when I tried to find out more about them, you were the only writing about them.

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