Colin Blunstone “One Year”

One Year

The Zombies disbanded before their classic Time Of The Season smashed onto radio airwaves, and lead singer Colin Blunstone took to a desk job.

One year later, he grew tired of insurance or whatever it was and got back in the studio. Armed with fellow Zombs Chris White and Rod Argent as co-writers and producers, Colin managed to record what I consider the most precious record in my collection. One Year is a very, very special record to me, so much that it’s actually hard to even mention here.

Three tracks feature backing by the band Argent, and have a lite rock feel, but the rest feature Colin’s silken voice over a tightly arranged and dynamic chamber orchestra. She Loves The Way They Love Her kicks it off with the album’s full band sound. It takes some getting used to as it’s not quite Zombies and perhaps a little too produced, but believe me, this one will get you in the long run with its amazing melody and Colin’s excellent vocal work. The other rock band songs include Caroline Goodbye and Mary Won’t You Warm My Bed, both excellent, upbeat tunes. It’s the orchestra numbers that will get you on this record though. Songs like I Can’t Live Without You, Her Song, and Let Me Come Closer To You will simply murder you.

If you are in the market for records that grow on you more and more each time you listen, this was made for you. I wasn’t sure what to think about One Year when I finally tracked it down (luckily, it’s easily available these days) but after a few years with it, it is definitely one of my favorites, certainly in the top 20: a Sunday morning staple to last my life.

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“Say You Don’t Mind”

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  • Bob

    Good pick Brendan! Haven’t heard that album in years, also a favorite of mine. Incidentally, I was turned on to this record by your Aunt Mary. She had impeccable musical taste.

  • jon

    Wow, what a find! Any love of Odyssey and Oracle (or any symphonic pop for that matter) has got to hear this. Thanks for all of your recommendations…I agree that for the Millennium, it’s best to start with Begin and move on to Sagittarius.

  • bobby sacamano

    Don’t forget The Zombies will be touring the U.S. this summer! Saw them last year as part of Hippiefest tour and I thought they were the best part of the concert.

  • we are in love with your site.

  • thedove76

    Glad to know there are other fans of this fine album out there. It’s a record I bought shortly after it came out and have never tired of it to this day. Blunstone is one of the best vocalists ever. My favorite track is “Her Song.”

    Had the pleasure of seeing the Blunstone/Argent version of the Zombies on Saturday, July 5 at Summerfest in Milwaukee. The band included a performance of Blunstone’s “Say You Don’t Mind,” which was fantastic. In fact, the whole show was amazing from start to finish. If you have a chance to see them perform, get there at all costs.

  • Mel

    This really is one of the most underrated albums of all time. Odyssey and Oracle is looked upon as a classic, and deservedly so, but those who have listened to One Year extensively know that this is the far better record and one of the few albums that continues to get better each time you hear it. When will this album gets the recognition it truly deserves?

  • david

    thanks for posting. considering how many people list Odyssey & Oracle as one of the greatest LPs of the 1960s, it is amazing how few of those same people have heard One Year. And while, i can’t agree with Mel’s enthusiastic claim that it’s better than O&O, I do agree that it’s an underappreciated gem and a must-have for Zombies fans.

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