Cowboy “5’ll Getcha Ten”

Cowboy were a country-rock group usually remembered for their associations (The Allman Brothers and Eric Clapton) rather than the fine body of music they produced in the early 70s. 5’ll Getcha Ten was Cowboy’s second LP, released by the Capricorn label in 1971.  Never released on cd, this is arguably Cowboy’s finest moment and indeed one of the best forgotten country-rock albums from the late 60s/early 70s.  It’s worth mentioning that one of Cowboy’s key members, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Tommy Talton was formerly in the great Florida garage rock group We The People.  Scott Boyer, Cowboy’s other key member, played guitar and co-wrote many of group’s songs.

Fans of Crazy Horse, Poco, and CSNY will want to own this fine album.  Cowboy’s sound is similar to Poco but instead of rocking out Talton and Boyer prefer a more relaxed, introspective back porch sound.  Only on the excellent “Seven Four Tune” does Cowboy truly let loose and rock out.  Every track on 5’ll Getcha Ten features transcendent harmonies (perhaps the group’s greatest asset), terrific songwriting, and strong musicianship – these boys can play.  If it’s any consolation as to the quality of the music here, Eric Clapton chose to cover Cowboy’s bluesy country-folk number “Please Be With Me” on his classic 461 Ocean Boulevard album.  Other great tracks include an upbeat number with electric sitar titled “Right On Friend,” the introspective “Innocence Song,” and “The Wonder,” a superb track that recalls Crazy Horse circa 1971.   Duane Allman playing dobro/guitar on 5’ll Getcha Ten adds a little star power and credibility to the proceedings but don’t let this be the reason you purchase this album (vinyl originals can still be found for cheap!). In their own right, Cowboy were a talented group of musicians who made great music.  5’ll Getcha Ten is a classic roots rock album that deserves a lavish LP or cd reissue.  Also, Cowboy’s debut, Reach For The Sky and their 1974 album, Boyer & Talton are great records worth seeking out.

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“The Wonder”

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  • Ian

    this here is some good songage

  • Ogie

    This lp was later released, following the release of The Duane Allman Anthology”s “Please, Be With Me” outtake, on a double lp including their first album originally titled “Reach for the Sky” in an aptly title two-disk set called “Why Quit When You’re Losing”.

    They later recorded a few Cowboy: Boyer and Talton albums and appeared on stage with Greg Allman, and providing vocals and guitar on his Live album.

    They are still alive and well and playing in the Georgia/Florida area with a great following and can be found, of course, on Facebook!

  • George Sharpe

    Hi, Cowboy – 5’ll getcha ten – ATL 40312 (SD 864) 1971

    George Sharpe
    184 Cropwell Dr
    Maple Shade, NJ 08052 856-914-0680

  • Bob

    I see this is now available for download on Amazon in MP3 format.

  • Houston

    Yes, this is available as a download on Amazon as well as iTunes. But, know that it is a “needle drop” taken from a vinyl source. The quality is just okay.

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