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  • Len Liechti

    Another great gone. What worries me is that I’m only a couple of years younger than most of them. I have managed to avoid living the rock’n’roll lifestyle, so might outlast most of these guys by a few years. “Expedition” was one of the great unsung country rock albums, if not the greatest. If you haven’t heard it, you haven’t lived. Gene Clark moved on back in ’91.

  • thevandalstookmyhandle

    Ok…here we go through some uncharted waters again. Which essentially means I will end up spending too much money on music I love to further my knowledge of a fun and wonderful genre of the music world. So in my searching I came across a two-fer CD with “The Fantastic Expedition Of”……and “Through The Morning Through The Night”. How about some opinions from you all on the merits of “Through The Morning…..”. Looking forward to everyones views.

  • Fantastic Expedition is a masterpiece and one of my favorite records. Through The Morning is also good but not considered as strong as its predecessor. There is some discussion on the subject in the comments here.

  • Jason

    Through The Morning isn’t as strong because there are fewer Gene Clark originals. Also, I could be mistaken but B. Leadon was absence for the second albums sessions and the band began to splinter…Gene was weary about Donna Washburn’s role in the group (I think she was Doug Dillard’s girlfriend at the time)….When will someone release Gene Clark Sings – a lost 1968 album that was shelved for reasons that are today unknown…..

  • hambone

    If only Gene Clark could’ve found a way to kick the booze (and everything else) addiction and hold on this long. “Why Not My Baby” which was on the expanded Fantastic cd is another perfect love (lost) song from Clark, with Dillard playing a simple but effective banjo figure. Somebody around these parts needs to review Dillard’s The Banjo Album, which has an all-star line-up of Dillard, Leadon, Clark, Byron Berline, and John Hartford.

  • Len Liechti

    Donald “Duck” Dunn, bassist with the MGs, RIP 13 May 2012. When I was learning bass his no-nonsense groove was one of my models.

  • Len Liechti

    Great shout, Hambone. I have the Cherry Red/Rev Ola reissue of Doug’s Banjo Album and will make it my next review. Watch this space in about a week.

  • Mark

    It is fitting that the photograph you have chosen to honor Doug Dillard is from the cover of Fantastic Expedition… certainly his work with the former Byrd was his strongest. The two musicians balanced each other. Gene’s solo album (with the Gosdin Brothers and a clutch of other remarkable session players) suffers from dilution and the weak (at least in this author’s opinion) effort by Leon Russell to match string arrangements with Gene’s acid-folk inspired tunes. However… free from the label and recent history of being an ex-Byrd (although, reluctantly, that tag has been attached even by me) (likewise, Gary Usher’s hands were not involved)… free from the weight of the past (but not the baggage of drugs and alcohol and life-style), Fantastic Expedition soars!! The spirit was gone when the two musicians, along with Doug’s girlfriend, Donna Washburn (a detriment to say the least) gathered in the studio to record Through the Morning. The album has some remarkable tracks that make the purchase absolutely necessary, especially “Kansas City Southern” and “Four Walls” as well as the title track. There is no surprise here that they are among Gene’s contributions.
    Well, Doug was a fine musician in his own right and he will be missed. Gene, whom I “discovered” early in my musical forays, remains with me…
    thanks Brendon for the post and your thoughts as always.

  • Brendan

    Earl, Doug, and now Doc. Tough year for bluegrass fans.

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