Euphoria “A Gift From Euphoria”

A Gift From Euphoria

A Gift From Euphoria is a well-funded album loaded with symphonic arrangements, excellent studio musicianship, psychedelic audio collage, and sound effects. It’s probably near to the apex of experimental rock from this era, and of the melding and juxtaposition of different styles of music.

The first two tracks on the record demonstrate the pace. Lisa an expansive and string laden orchestral number gives way to a legit bluegrass-country tune with banjo and pedal steel. Wait a little longer and you’ll get some fuzz guitar brain melters. Euphoria is all over the place on this album, which was recorded in Hollywood, London, and Bradley’s Barn. Some of the best session men in town put this one together, and it shows. Nary an unprofessional sound is on this record and some of the arrangements are stunning. They could use this album to replace the orchestra at the Boston Pops.

This is the only album released by the short lived Euphoria. The liner notes imply that the members disappeared, but parts of the liners are as out there as the sounds. Get this one for a supreme example of country and rock gone suicidally psychedelic, sounding remarkably fresh today.

For more from the Euphoria guys, be sure to check out the Bernie Schwartz record, The Wheel.

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“Did You Get The Letter”

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  • Tom

    Are these guys who did a track called There Is Now? I’ve been trying to track them down for yeeeeears, if so. I mean, they obvbiously are…

  • ib

    Judging by “Did You Get The Letter” alone, this is an interesting fusion of “Sweetheart Of the Rodeo” era Byrds and “White Abum” Beatles ; with a healthy dose of Harvey Mandel guitar thrown into the mix for good measure!

    In many ways Euphoria appear to be the victims of their own adventurousness, refusing to step back and distill their influences into anything remotely genry friendly or easily filed. Countryesque, yes – but hard edged and funky, and definitely psychedelic too. I’d love to hear more before I make up my mind, but this sounds on first listen like an album you have to invest your time in before you reap the rewards.

    I’m not sure it’s my browser cache playing up here but I can’t get “Lady Bedford” to come up on the media player. Whatever – this is great stuff certainly, Brendan ; about as eclectic as it comes!

  • Brendan

    Fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know, ib. And thanks for enhancing my post with your excellent comment. It does take a while for this one to sink in.

    And, Tom, I’ve been unable to find information on There Is Now. All I know from Watt and Lincoln is this album and The Wheel. Maybe somebody knows?

  • Tim Forster

    Hi, I wrote the sleeve notes for both the old See for Miles reissue of this album as well as the more recent Rev-Ola CD. It sounds as if you have only read the liners to the first one which were largely guess-work. The second reissue was based on extensive interviews with Messrs Watt & Lincoln and contains a lot of unseen photos, etc. These guys cut numerous 45s under many other names and Lincoln later recorded an as-yet unreleased sole LP. I am currently in the process of putting together another CD for rev-Ola which will include these along with out-takes from the Capitol LP. I’m afraid they never recorded a song called There Is Now, however. Regards, Tim

  • Will

    “There Is Now” IS by Euphoria. I think it was only available as a single.

  • Gray Newell

    “There is Now” may be by A Euphoria, just not by this Euphoria. There were at least 2 other acts that went by this name and probably many more.

  • Gray Newell

    It seems that “There is Now” credited to Euphoria is available on the ST Etienne compiled collection The Trip. I guess the sleeve notes for that will reveal the origins of that particular recording.

  • Tim Forster

    Ah, yes. Gray is quite right. ‘There is Now’ was by another Euphoria who recorded an LP on the Heritage label. There is a very distant connection between the bands…

  • I held an original Capitol pressing in Vienna, Austria, early this summer. But at 250 euros, I returned the record gently to its bin. A great album whatever the format might be.

  • Yair

    Thanks for the post – great album!

  • Jason Odd

    ..sweet zombie jesus.. have any of you heard Bill Lincoln’s post Euphoria effort called Addie Pray?

    I only just found it on CdBaby, there’s samples.. and it’s described thus:

    “William Lincoln did record an album with his wife Lynda and a few friends and called it “Addie Pray.” This is that album. It has never been released until this day.”

    Addie Pray
    Late for the Dance CD on CDBaby

    .. and …

    “Smokin’ West Coast Rock / Folk / Country. Follow-up to the Capitol Records album “A Gift From Euphoria” by William D Lincoln and top musicians.”

    I have ony heard the short samples.. more straight up glam-swagger country-rock .. same vocal style with more vocal chorus on some parts.. it’s kinda shit-hot!

    I am suitably freaked out by the appearance of this, I found the old See For Miles version in a record store the year it came out. It was in the mark-down bin, with the label credits and barcode blacked out with marker pen.
    I saw it was originally on Capitol Records, one of the dudes was wearing a cowboy hat.. I bought it then and there, not actually having heard a thing about them prior.

    It totally blew my mind, it rotates as my fave record against three others (usually my fave of the four, is the one I’ve listened to most recently).. Black sabbath’s debut LP, The Byrds’ Notorious Byrd Brothers, and the debut LP by the Flying Burrito Brothers.

    I still love this record, and recently played it to one of my musical heroes while working a warehouse gig (..oh yeah, luv the music industry) .. it still messes with my mind and takes me to a wonderful place each time I hear it.
    Now there’s a lost record by Bill, I have that same uneasy-happy-euphoria as the first and latest time I played the Euphoria CD.


  • Tim Forster

    Hi Jason.

    I posted on this a couple of years ago.

    I have the dubious honour of having written the sleeve notes to both the See For Miles CD and the Rev-Ola reissue. Sounds like you haven’t got the latter. Basically the first were written before I tracked down these two guys, the latter after. I covered the Addie Pray the second time around as well as a lot of other Euphoria related recordings, both 45s and unreleased. I have been working on a compilation for ages but now I have demos of the entire Capitol LP – with many alternative versions – I hope to get the whole thing moving again. Their story is amazing. Please feel free to contact me direct for more. Regards, Tim

  • Thanks Tim, no I haven’t gotten around to the revola version, I was hoping to run across your email one day to thank you for those notes, so you thankyou, the See For Miles notes are probably minimal compared to what you have done for Revola, but they were a revelation at the time and accompanied my early journey’s to Euhoria-land.

    Thanks also to Brendan for the original post, this group and CD has meant a lot to me, I’ve yet to convert anyone to it’s glory (I don’t count my partner, she has to listen to it anyway..ha) , and enjoy seeing other fans in action.


  • Len Liechti

    Wow, what an album. Went looking for it on the basis of Brendan’s review and subsequent comments, and wasn’t disappointed. Hard to find, but I scored a pre-owned CD reissue at a very fair price from someone called Weezies in the States (great service, if you find him/her/them on Turns out it’s a 1996 reissue by my old favourite reissue imprint See For Miles Records of Maidenhead, England, just up the road from me here in Bath! Amazing record, totally whacked-out proto-country rock with crazy psych overtones. Tim’s sleeve note of the time places it somewhere between the Bee Gees (Odessa period) and the 13th Floor Elevators! IMHO, like nothing else ever. Highly recommended, if you can still find a copy. PS: if you like this, you’ll also like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Symphonion Dream” – see my review of same on The Rising Storm.

  • dave otto

    im the person who placed this album with capitol records

  • Tim Forster

    Hi Dave,

    I recall your name from the LP sleeve! I have been keeping the flame burning for Wes & Bill these past years and would love to talk to you. Please contact me via email at (I have placed *s to stop spam) tim.forster@hotm**



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