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  • Bobby

    First I just wanna say that your blog has opened my eyes to a whole new world of music and now I check religiously to gobble up the great jams/bands you guys post… I’m also hooked on the mixtape. I have a question tho… How often to you post podcasts? I’m looking forward to the next one!


  • Jason

    Hello Bobby,

    I am glad you like the site and we are extremely happy that people check back with us. We wanted to create something that will expose people to new and interesting music without giving entire albums away for free. By doing this we are fair to the artist and also not getting ourselves in trouble. We will have another podcast coming down the line very soon but I have no clue as to what will be on it.

  • Woozy Viper

    This is an excellent collection of music and information. Keep up the good work.

    Also, do you know of any other sites like this?

  • lonepine


    Love this site, you guys do a great job sharing music. Really good reviews, too.
    I was wondering do yall only review reissues? ’cause Dennis Linde is a guy who did strange, hard-to-find “Americana” pop/rock and I figure a lot of your readers would dig him, but I don’t think any of his albums have been released on CD.
    anyways, keep an eye out for his records, the two I’ve heard (Linde Manor and self-titled) are excellent.


  • Len Liechti

    Cannot recommend this blogsite strongly enough to real music appreciators. I was lucky enough to pass my late teens and early twenties during the Golden Age of rock, 1965-1975, and thought I knew a fair bit about the music from that era. TRS has opened my eyes (and ears) to how much I have yet to learn. Hope to offer more reviews of my own, mostly psych, white boy blues, progressive, and country rock, and the fuzzy overlaps between them.
    “There’s only two types of music: good and bad.” Duke Ellington (or possibly Miles Davis).

  • FunkyDung

    Eldorado and The Wizard of Oz is a fine sync, I must say. Betcha can’t guess when Laredo Tornado kicks in?

  • Tom

    The Rising Storm is definitely an eye opener. I found you guys through the Drunkard and love both sites, but especially appreciate your knowledge of lost gems. The article on “The Golden Era of the Kinks,” is where it all began for me. Thank you so much for helping me dig! Len, you are paraphrasing Duke, though Miles probably said it, too. Another Duke quote I love is one on composition: “I never met a Major Chord I didn’t like.”

  • Art

    Found many of my favourites and many brand new discoveries on your insightful lists. Perhaps it is my age but the 80’s onward doesn’t have the freshness of your selections. You folks have exquisite taste.

    Please keep up the super work.

  • Len Liechti

    Hey, Art, I can see where you’re coming from: IMHO the last truly original musical genre was the New Romantic / electronic period in the UK which gave us, inter alia, Orchestral Manoevres, John Foxx, Tears For Fears, the Bunnymen and Joy Division / New Order. (You might also suggest rap, but again IMO the limited palette of a simple rhythm, percussive scratching and an attitude in lyrics doesn’t comprise a full and satisfying musical spectrum – it’s up to you to decide whether Run DMC, for all its obvious quality, is “music” or a different form of performance art closer to poetry.) The Postmodern period has seen most new musicians revert to recreating, to various extents, earlier prototypes; some of this of course is very good, especially in the fields of Americana, New Blues, Acid Folk, Acid Jazz and other crossovers exploring and extending various forms of what we now call “roots” music. However, there have been since the 80s, and still are, a lot of acts producing truly original product that owes little or no debt to pre-1980 trends. I’ve just this month been hooked by the Cocteau Twins: stunningly original, like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Other similar discoveries in recent years: Lambchop, Radiohead, the Flaming Lips, Elbow, Sufjan Stevens, Muse, Elliott Smith, Beth Orton, to name just the first few that come into my head. In these wretched X-Factor times where conformity rules and finding the next Mariah Carey or Justin Timberlake clone is the only goal of the major record companies, music of real originality by new, genuinely talented artists still finds a way through, thanks to a few enlightened independents and the opportunities offered by the Internet. Yes, 1965-75 was my formative period, and I doubt it will ever be exceeded for the sheer quantity and quality of true, new art in rock that it gave us; The Rising Storm, bless it, is my window on that wonderful era. However, don’t give up completely on post-1980 music: wonderful new musicians are still coming through, you just have to look a bit harder to find them.

  • Len Liechti

    Having just perused the list of recent posts (c. 1645 UK time, 3 June 2010), I have to say I’m simply staggered by the range and variety of these. The Storm goes from strength to strength. If anyone knows of a more entertaining, more reader-friendly, more all-encompassing “heritage” music website, let me know! Meanwhile, credit to Brendan, Jason and all contributors and bloggers for making TRS the unmissable music experience.

  • Cosmic_American

    Just found this site and I love it.

    I’m amazed at the all the great albums you guys review that are up there in my all time favorites. People like Gene Clark, Fred Neil, Little Feat, Mickey Newbury, The Beau Brummels, Clarence White, etc. who somehow to this day don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

    I know that the albums I haven’t heard I’ll probably love so can’t wait to start checkin’ some of it out.

    Have y’all listened to any David Ackles? Quite simply one of the all time most underrated singer-songwriters.

  • Luvwrock

    I just love your site. Been buying and downloading albums based on your reviews and listening to the mp3’s. Your site has enriched my life..Thank you. Are you still adding gems of classic albums to the site?

  • Anonymous

    Yes…we are still adding albums each week….example – this week we added Bachdenkel followed by Koerner, Ray and Glover.

  • Len Liechti

    Just wanna say here that IMHO 2010 has been another great year for TRS. Not only have I greatly enjoyed contributing, but my own record collection has increased considerably as a result of reading other reviewers’ pieces. Cold Sun, Zerfas, CA Quintet, Second Hand, Bachdenkel and at least half a dozen previously unknown (to me) others now grace my shelves as a result of reading recommendations in the Storm. Looking forward to yet another annus magnificus in 2011!

  • Len Liechti

    Thanks to Brendan for including the “Other reviews by this writer” feature – what a great idea. I’ve just used it to quickly look back through my offerings from the last two years or so and impressed even myself by the sheer variety of stuff I’ve posted – the proceeds, I’m afraid, of a misspent youth largely passed listening to all sorts of unhealthy music. Writing for the Storm is one of the three or so most enjoyable things in my life at present, and I can assure all Stormers that I’m gonna continue to present a suitably quirky British slant on the lost masterpieces of classic rock (if that isn’t an oxymoron). Very best to you all!

  • ken

    I used to get weekly emails from you and then they just stopped…do you still do them? If so, please place me back on the mailing list:

  • Art

    You may want to consider Phil Ochs “Rehearsal For Retirement” as a Americana classic. His lyrics are as biting as ever and there is a sweet sadness in the tender melodies. It’s my favourite Phil Ochs album, the last before his suicide. A real treasure just like TRS.

  • Len Liechti

    Just love the recently introduced video feature, Brendan. That vid of the Syndicate Of Sound doing “Little Girl” is the mutt’s nuts – gotta be the best garage band single ever.

  • Jason

    The Mose Allison video is a nice touch….I haven’t listened to his music in quite some time…he’s a great and essential musician…..

  • Brendan

    The video feed is also available at and credit for the picks goes to Nik and Kenneth.

  • Len Liechti

    Wow, just got the new site layout hot off the Web. Very modern and striking! I must confess to being a bit sad to see the old layout go, a bit like reluctantly throwing out an old comfortable pair of shoes, but the uncluttered simplicity of the new layout has a definite appeal and anyway when it comes down to it it’s the content that’s the most important thing. May I assure all Stormers of my continued support and be the first to wish you all the greetings of the season. Keep on rockin’!

  • Karl Lewis

    Thanks for this blog. It is excellent and just what I needed. Love to explore new old stuff. And new new stuff too, but I have not been as compusive with a music review site in a long time. Great job and keep it coming.

  • Katie Kanitz

    Loving the new layout, guys. It definitely has a cleaner feel to it, without
    losing its original coolness.

    Hope everyone is having a BOSS holiday season! =)

  • Aidan Sweet

    You guys seemed to have removed the option of viewing the entire list of album reviews in list form. Any way we can get this back?


    A devoted fan of The Rising Storm

  • Art

    Glad to see TRS is gathering more followers. Let me repeat your taste is exquisite. Hope you consider these 2 strong albums for addition.

    Hamburger Concerto by Focus is a joyous progressive gem. All tracks are played with energy and enthusiam. Almost bordering on the sugary side.

    A darker more manic tour de force is Phil Och’s last album Rehearsals For Retirement. Phil’s disappointment and resignation is a common theme. A sad (emotionally) change from his better known fiesty protest work. In spite of this mood, each song is beautifuly crafted with simple and lovely melodies. It portends Phil’s suicide a few years later. Worth seeking out.


  • Brendan M

    @Aidan, sorry for the delay, but I’ve finally restored the All Reviews page to the menu in our sidebar. Ctrl+F away.

  • Len Liechti

    The flow of new submissions to TRS seems to have reduced somewhat in recent months. Shame! Hopefully it’s temporarily down to the writers having other more pressing things to do during the summer months, and will become resurgent soon. Meanwhile I can assure everyone that, now my own vacs are out of the way, I’ll be submitting a new review at least every fortnight to what still remains the best classic and lost albums website on the Net. My continuing thanks to Brendan for accommodating my stuff and to the submitters of the kind comments that sometimes follow the posts.

  • Len Liechti

    Jon Lord RIP yesterday, from a pulmonary embolism following pancreatic cancer. He was 71 and still active musically. His writeup on Wikipedia is excellent. You can find a review of Deep Purple’s The Book Of Taliesyn in these pages.

  • Jordan Scott

    This website is amazing, I’m 20 and this music has comfirmed that I should have been around for the late 60s. I would have taken full advantage of the times. It’s so sad that people these days don’t appreciate music, this main stream garbage should not be considered music. No talent, just auto-tuned voices and computer generated babble. Thank you guys for all your work in finding these great tunes.

  • Phil Spector


    i think you should -need -must do something for the now late Hal David. It is so sad to learn that this great lyricist has died even at 91 years old.
    He was half of one of the greatest songwriter duo ever with B.B.

    Keep up the magnificent work

  • Hi. I’ve been a listener for two years now and I must say you really open up a world of psych and garage, and I love you for doing it. I know that you don’t write about new music, but i’m sitting on a big archive of very good unreleased material from a highly unique swedish neo-psych band, and we just wanna spread this music. Any suggestions for whom to contact? I’d be happy to send you samples.

  • Tyson Fogel

    Love your site. Two recent reissue recommends for your review: Jew Cowell’s Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold and Kenny Knight’s Crossroads. Both amazing albums that deserve a place on your blog. Best of luck in all things.


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