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I wish we could write a review on every reissue that pops up, but due to the growing multitude of quality reissue labels out there, the task is too much for one blog to handle (so far). Still, we love re-releases here at The Rising Storm, and are committed to informing our readers about the latest and greatest.

The newest feature on our sidebar is a list of the 10 latest recommended reissues. We hope to keep this list of CDs, LPs, DVDs, and magazines updated weekly. If you would like to inform us of a great release we may have missed, please feel free to use the Suggest A Reissue form just below the list.

For an archive of our selected reissues go to:

Big thanks to readers, commenters, and contributors as always!

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  • dk

    Great idea! You have the perfect site for such a feature. I’ll be looking in regularly to see what I should be checking out…

  • ib

    I like this idea a lot, too. Now I know where to come to get a concise fix on what’s ‘new’ on the reissue front, without having to trawl around and invariably miss something. Neat.

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