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  • Len Liechti

    Another great gone. He was the Voice of the Band, without a doubt the best singer they had. RIP.

  • Len Liechti

    Can’t let this post pass by without also mentioning Bert Weedon, who died the day after Levon. Weedon’s name won’t mean much to our Transatlantic readers, but he was the first “guitar hero” here in the UK, the first highly visible exponent of electric guitar in pop music (as opposed to jazz), Britain’s answer to Duane Eddy, a fine player in all possible styles, and the writer of the most influential guitar teaching book ever, Play In A Day, which caused almost every British name player of the sixties to take up the instrument or to improve their basic skills. Mostly preferring thinline hollowbody guitars, he rated highly enough to warrant a Guild Bert Weedon endorsee model and was also associated with Hofner and Yamaha instruments. For a fine history go to http://www.bertweedon.com (though at the time of writing this the site has not yet been updated to record his passing).

  • Definitely a huge loss. Have been listening to his music a lot lately…

  • Jan C

    Levon was the man. Weedon did get some press here in the states, gonna miss that guitar boogie.

  • Len Liechti

    More losses: Ronnie Montrose, March 3 2012. Chris Etheridge, bass, Flying Burrito Bros and others, 23 April 2012. Jim Marshall, amplifier designer to the world, 5 April 2012. Without Jim, no Hendrix, no Clapton, no rock guitar as we know it.

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