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Choir “I’d Rather you Leave Me”

West Coast Pop Art Exp Band “Transparent Day”

Buffalo Springfield “Burned”

Ides of March “Give your Mind Wings”

Beau Brummels “Doesn’t Matter”

Baroques “There’s Nothing Left to do But Cry”

Leaves “Girl from The East”

Gremlins “Only Thing on My Mind”

Circus Maximus “You Know I got the Rest of my life to go”

Merry Go Round “On Your Way Out”

Dovers “People Ask Me Why”

Wailers “It’s You Alone”

Turtles “Wanderin’ Kind”

Merrell Fankhauser HMS Bounty “Girl (I’m waiting for you)”

Love “Gazing”

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  • Jason


    Thanks for this podcast, it’s fantastic. In regards to the Choir, I know they had a cd release a while back by Sundazed titled Choir Practice. I am only familiar with their songs that have been heavily comp’d, “It’s Cold Outside” and “I’m Going Home.” I believe these guys eventually morphed into the Raspberries (with some personnel changes) but also interesting is later on in the group’s career they took on singer/songwriter Denny Carleton who was in the great mid 60’s Cleveland band the Lost Souls. He also released a fine solo album titled Color With Crayons in 1985. But I’d Rather You Leave Me is just amazing, I’m glad you posted these tunes.

  • Stranger

    Thanks Jason! That Choir Practice CD is a nice collection, though incomplete – another amazing track is “In Love’s Shadow” …I think some of the members were also in a band before the rasp. called Cyrus Erie (think they released a single)

  • Hey guys, awesome job as always. Keep em coming. Just one thing, it’s hard to subscribe using iTunes. The URL adds an extra “http://”. Love the psych rock.

  • Jason

    Stranger, thanks for the email/song, I definitely enjoy the Choir. I’m always appreciative when someone exposing me to great music. There’s a song that keeps popping up in my head whenever I think of jangle-rock/folk-rock. Sunny Day Blue by Fargo, a band who made one soft pop album in the late 60’s, the song however is great. I’ve never heard the album but the two songs I have heard are pretty good ( the other song I have is from the Soft Sounds For Gentle People comp). Sunny Day Blue I knicked off Fading Yellow Volume 6, one of the great 60’s comps, mostly pop and psych pop – all volumes are outstanding. If could choose two 60’s comp series it would be Fading Yellow and the legendary Back From The Grave – possibly the greatest comp series of them all. Would anyone be willing to do a Free Design review???

  • Anonymous

    Great p’cast! Cheers from Spain ;)

  • ian

    great mix. anyone have links to download albums by any of the following:
    Merrell Fankhauser HMS Bounty
    Merry Go Round

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