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1. Testors “You Don’t Break My Heart” 1977

2. Customs “Long Gone” 1979

3. Fun Things “Savage” 1980

4. Dead Boys “Ain’t Nothin to Do” 1977

5. Crime “San Francisco’s Doomed” 1978

6. Gears “Heartbeat” 1980

7. Pagans “What’s this Shit Called Love” 197

8. DMZ “Bad Attitude”

9. Zeros “Don’t Push Me Around”

10. Saints “Erotic Neurotic” 1977

11. The Eat “Communist Radio”

12. Weirdos “Solitary Confinement”

13. Nervous Eaters “Just Head”

14. Radio Birdman “Burn My Eye”

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  • todays podcast is one of the many reasons this site rules!!!!!!!

  • Long-time listener, first-time poster…

    Question: is there a way for individual track names to appear on the player that opens when you stream the podcast?

  • Brendan

    I’ll see if I can figure that out sometime down the line. Not sure if it’s possible off hand.
    thanks for listening!

  • Martin

    In answer to Jared’s question. From my experience it’s not possible to seperate the tracks so they show as they play, for that to happen each track would have to be an individula podcast. If however anyone knows differently I’d love to know as I do podcasts of my radio show. :-)

  • Dom Moniker

    This is Rock & Roll. GOOD STUFF! GOOD STUFF!

  • theotis


  • Gabriel

    If you were to do the podcasts in MPEG-4 format instead and use iTunes, then it is possible to show individual track names and cover art. This is embedded really nice in the program.

  • Thanks for the info, friends. And while I’m here…

    I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. A friend of mine (a former music director at CJSR FM 88.5) turned me onto the Wyld Canada compilations. Similar to Nuggets, this five-part series lends itself more to the teenage jingle-jangly side of 60s garage/pop. nevertheless, a collection of Canadian gems that should not be missed!


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