PODCAST 6 Leaves Never Break

The Rising Storm Podcast - Country Rock Special

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Jake Holmes “Leaves Never Break”
from: A Letter to Katherine December [1968]
Thunder Clip from: the Kinks “Rainy Day In June”

Clip from: I Love A Mystery “Bury Your Dead, Arizona (Part 2)” [1940s]

Townes Van Zandt “Hunger Child Blues”
In The Beginning [1966 demo]

Mickey Newbury “Just Dropped In”
Harlequin Melodies [1968]

Spirit “Joker On The Run”
Spirit of ’76 [1975]

Steeleye Span “The Lark in the Morning”
Please To See The King [1971]

Plainsong “Call The Tune”
In Search of Amelia Earhart [1972]

The Dillards “Walkin’ Down The Line”
Live!!! Almost!!! [1964]

Jesse Winchester “Yankee Lady”
Jesse Winchester [1970]

Johnny Burnette “Tear It Up”
The Johnny Burnette Trio [1950s]

Coulson, Dean, McGuinness and Flint “Let Me Die In My Footsteps”
Lo And Behold [1972]

Classic Closer
Townes Van Zandt

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  • zoot

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • This was soooo Great … I also think this was the first Risingstorm podcast that came through via iTunes …

  • I second zoot’s comment. These are the best collections I’ve ever heard. Please keep it up

  • Jason

    Thanks guys, we appreciate the comments big time – it’s what keeps us writing these reviews and posting this music. We have a huge database of music over here but are not sure if we should do a theme for the next pod cast (i.e. latin american psych, Krautrock or english folk) or just a mix of all different styles. What do you think??

  • All the suggestion ” latin american psych, Krautrock or english folk “seem Brilliant

    IMHO Latin American Psyc sounds wondercycle …….

  • mark

    In response to your query: there is no right answer. I would prefer that you keep doing what you are doing – that is, letting the spirit move you. The podcast can only be as good as they have been if you remain inspired. It remains your connections and sensitivity that I enjoy – when they seem to mesh with mine and when they go in a different direction.

  • My two cents: I like themes. But only loose ones.

  • Truly the best music blog ever. I love the variety in the inspired track choices, but a theme may be interesting. Keep it up!

  • philspector

    i don’t know where to write this, but today i’ve been highly tripping with the wonderful PLASTIC CLOUD album.
    It’s probably the fuzziest guitar i’ve ever heard!!!

    you should write something about them!!!

  • Dirk

    A week ago I downloaded the six podcasts, and they are great. I don’t like all the songs, but for me a podcast is great when I discover some new songs or artists.
    Mighty Baby “Jug Of Love”, Fraser & Debolt “David’s Tune”, Gandalf “Golden Earrings”, Bill Fay “Till The Christ Comes Back”, Euphoria “Through A Window”, Louie and the Lovers “Sittin’ By The River”, Brian Eno “Blank Frank”, Jake Holmes “Leaves Never Break” and Townes Van Zandt “Where I lead me” were completely new for me, and now they are on my hard disk.
    Thanks a lot.

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