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Intro: Mickey Newbury “T. Total Tommy”
“The Byrds arguing in the studio”
Mr. Tambourine Man – The Byrds – 1965 & 1971

Anymore Than I Do – The Attack – 1967 single

Round The Morning – Maxfield Parrish – It’s A Cinch To Give Legs To Hardboiled Eggs – 1969

City Scenes – Bob Lind – 1971

Blue Horizon – Emitt Rhodes – Farwell To Paradise – 1973

So Long – The Kinks -1965

Cold Turkey – Big Boy Pete – 1968

Samples from Electronic Ringtones (vol. 1) & Ringtones for Business – Rcptones – 2009
(shameless self promotion)

Yeahhh b/w Piano (I Said A Prayer – This Isn’t Love) – Brian Wilson & Dennis Wilson – 1981

Come Sit By My Side – Steve Young – 1972

City Sidewalks – Maffit/Davies – 1968

The Big Put On –Billy Edd Wheeler – 1969

She’s Gone – The Dovers – 1965 single

Roll On Baby – Ronnie Lane – 1974

Closer: Delaney & Bonnie – 1970

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  • Jason

    Wow Brendan,

    This is really well put together – it sounds great. You did one hell of a job my friend!

  • Anonymous

    Once again a truly superb podcast!
    (And I even am learning to appreciate the Kinks! Somehow I used to consider them a second string Beatles… Well, better late than never!)
    Maxfield Parrish fits into the mix very well.

    Lately I have been very excited about Michael Chapman… Thanks to you guys I now have his first four albums and am some sort of addict!

    My next response will be from Italy…
    Do you know of any worthy Italian psychedelic / 60’s music?
    Somehow that is not the genre that comes to mind when one says “Italy” (opera anyone?)


  • phil spector

    i’m really not a specialist about italian psychedelic music…

    But try this one

    “Ad Gloriam” by LE ORME

    i think it is a famous band in italy. It’s their first Lp, a kind of psychedelic-pop, before they went totally prog …. and in a bad way

  • jojo

    might be my favorite podcast to date. exceptional work. thank you!!

  • jojo

    can you tell me more about where the “i said a prayer- this isn’t love) brian/dennis wilson track came from. has it been released?

  • Brendan

    That’s from a bootleg called The Cocaine Sessions. From what I’ve heard, around this period (1981) Dennis would come over to Brian’s house with a bag of burgers and some drugs and try to convince him to work on music. Judging by the audio quality I don’t think anything will see official release any time soon, but damn it sure sounds like something.

  • mark

    phil spector–
    Thank you for your reference to Le Orme…
    Once again I betray my lack of education on music outside of the American and British veins (with the occasional German group mixed in)…

  • Louder than Milk

    The Attack had one hell of a driving beat, a very apt band name. They were only around for 2 or 3 years and must have been unsettled by numerous line up changes. Great guitar work throughout, with Davy O’List of The Nice doing some fine licks in the early Attack band.

  • Leonor

    I do not know English and to use the online translator to thank you for music Mr. Tambourine Man. Thank you.Thank you.

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