The Insect Trust “The Insect Trust”

The insect Trust

The Insect Trust’s only two albums are a great example of what today would be called wyrd America. Back then, such terms did not exist and even still, it’s unfair to label this individualistic band.

They were often compared to San Fransisco bands such as the pioneering Jefferson Airplane, although this comparison really doesn’t do them justice. Hoboken Saturday Night (1970), the band’s sophomore effort usually gets the nod, or at least the most attention. Though it must be mentioned that most fans forget about this startling, groundbreaking debut.

They were a classic east coast band taking in a multitude of influences from folk, blues, psychedelia, rock n’ roll, country, jazz, ragtime and bluegrass. Nancy Jefferies had a strong, clear voice while Bill Barth and Bob Palmer were always experimenting with exotic instruments. Skin Game is typical of their approach, starting off as a country blues shuffle then exploding into a slide guitar freakout that is quite marvelous. Miss Fun City is a trippy slice of Americana with some great hypnotic banjo, a most excellent composition! Be Here And Gone So Soon, has to be the most classic track on this legendary album. It opens up with some classic hippy dialogue, then bursts into a magical folk-rock song.

Anyone searching for a good organic slice of authentic American music along the lines of the Dillard and Clark Expedition, Robbie Basho’s Zarthus or Bob Dylan and the Band’s Basement Tapes will love this classic from 1968.

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“Miss Fun City”

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  • I’ve gotta say, I’m really diggin’ the track you posted by The Insect Trust! I’ll have to check this group out further. Thanks a lot for all this work, this is one of the first sites I check each morning for updates and I’ve gained a lot from learning about groups you write about!

    peace, Nik

  • Brendan

    i’m into this track too. i need to pick this up.

    groups like the insect trust deserve as much attn as they can get. nik, the myrrors has a nice sound and some very fine influences as well. great lofi sound.

  • mark

    The re-issue of The Insect Trust (a limited run of 1000) is just out on cd! It is a shame – if the production was more well-crafted and if their discipline extended throughout the entire album, we all would have heard of them sooner. LoFi is definitely the word for this blend of bluesish and folkish material that seems both laid back and outta here at the same time – it is neither blues nor folk, nor is it particularly psychedelic; however it is definitely human — the wind instruments, when played with greater control, bring a depth to their sound. Nancy Jefferies voice, while woven in well with the material, could stand a counterpoint. Although I truly enjoy this album, there are a number of filler tracks that seem rather unprofessional, awkward and sophmoric even. Their strongest material betrays their individual strengths. I look forward to acquiring their second album…

  • Philbill

    Back when I bought these two albums, I was also listening to Kaleidescope, Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth, Buffalo Springfield, Moby Grape, Canned Heat, Doug Sahm, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, and others of this eclectic ilk. Steely Dan came later, but that’s another story. It should be noted the lyrics for ‘The Eyes of a New York City Woman’, from ‘Hoboken Saturday Night’ are by Thomas Pynchon, and first appeared in his novel ‘V’. These albums and that book sort of set the tone for those times.( “A screaming came across the sky”) Happily both IT albums are available on cd. Great listing of a great band.

  • G_V_C

    RS has featured multiple albums by the Kinks. How about a second feature on IT- about their HOBOKEN SATURDAY NIGHT LP which I prefer!

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