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Their only album has finally been reissued by Way Back Records on vinyl and cd. The Nomadds was originally released by Radex in 1965. They enjoyed quite a local following in Freeport and were Northwestern Illinois’ most popular teenbeat group bar none. The group’s lineup is: Lee Garner (lead guitar), Tony Cannova (drums), Greg Johnson (rhythm guitar, vocals), Denny Kuhl (bass), and Dean Kuehl “Stick” (vocals, harmonica – the big guy who stands center on the album’s cover).

The Nomadds is closer in spirit to early British Invasion records like Meet The Beatles or Gerry and the Pacemakers from their giddy 1963/1964 prime. For this reason interest may be limited: there are no fuzz guitars, walls of feedback, psychedelic freakouts, or shouting punk vocals; this album was recorded in 1964! That being said, the song arrangements are articulate and take interesting detours that most teenbeat/garage groups couldn’t handle. The Nomadds cut their teeth playing the bars and teen clubs of Illinois which would explain the accomplished nature of their performances.

You’re buying the album for the five great originals but some of the covers are pretty solid too. Standout covers to these ears are a rocking version of “Roll Over Beethoven,” a rollicking “W.P.L.J.,” Jimmy Reed’s “Shame Shame Shame,” and the ultimate teenage heartbreak of “Tragedy.” Excellent originals like “There Is No More” and “You Can Fall In Love” mix minor chords, folk-like guitars and rocking rhythms while other good tracks hit more of a tender, love song vibe. My favorite tune is “Don’t Cheat On Me”, a great performance with an interesting guitar intro and a marvelous vocal arrangement – this is teenbeat at it’s finest, really.

So while this LP may not be a definitive classic, it’s still very good and recommended to those who appreciate the British Invasion or very early American garage/teenbeat sounds.

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“Don’t Cheat On Me”

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  • phil spector

    Excellent Lp, really underrated.
    if you want more informations about the who where when and why, read the latest issue of Ugly Things. It has a 9-pages piece written by their guitarist himself (Lee Garner)!!!

  • Jim Martin

    Hi…I want to tell you about the upcoming concert by “The Nomadds”, this Northern Illinois ‘garage band’ from the mid-’60s. They released this album in 1965, which has become a world-wide collectors’ LP favorite over the years, as you probably know. All five original, and only, members of The Nomadds are coming together again for a one-time only concert on Fri., Oct. 1, 2010, in Freeport IL, their original home base. The concert will be held at the Masonic Temple in Freeport, and instead of playing in the ballroom in which they held numerous dances in the ’60s, they will be ‘in concert’ in the auditorium, located upstairs in the Masonic. The venue holds 1200 people, and the show is expected to sell out soon after tickets go on sale. They have not all played together since 1965, and this concert is big news in this area.

    If you would like any additional information regarding this event, please email me at

  • Sam Veer

    Can’t wait, looking forward to it.

  • Inez Brunson

    any informarion on future events would be appreciated.
    Old fan and relative of the lead guitar man ,Lee

  • Ron Doser

    I own an original copy of their album.

  • jim martin

    Ron Doser…I sold you that album!

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