The Remains (self-titled)

The Remains

This album was out of print when I initially reviewed it here, and I’ve got the old flashy yellow cover, which is a Greatest Hits collection but still a blazing hot disc. A month later their self-titled debut lp was reissued featuring the original album artwork, which is an important update. The yellow cover makes the Remains look like some novelty rock act, whereas the cover above restores their authenticity and edge. The Remains are positively one of the best rock bands you’ve never heard.

Barry Tashian and The Remains used to cook it up for Boston audiences back in the mid 60s (they were originally from Brookline), and this record, though none of it recorded live, is still proof. The beauty is in their by-the-book formula: loud rhythm guitars, electric piano, bluesy bass riffs, and most importantly, great songs.

The Remains get it started every time. But apparently they had trouble doing so for Beatles fans. The Remains toured with the fab four a short while, playing to a screaming mob who were impatiently awaiting one of the all time historic rock concerts. But the truth is, the Remains deserved all the same attention back then, and now we can give it back, for the first time in style. Will I be buying the reissue just for the packaging? Yes, I think I will.

Literally, every song on this record is good. Each one a gem so surprisingly radio friendly it’s astonishing to think we haven’t heard these before. They are quick friends with instant familiarity and appreciating resonance.

If you’d like to hear The Remains tear it apart in a live setting, check out A Session With The Remains from Sundazed, a live studio audition recording.

Barry Tashian used to play with Gram Parsons on GP and some stuff for the Burritos. Currently he is playing and recording bluegrass music with his wife, Holly.

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“Time Of Day”

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  • Great stuff! Makes you wonder how many other great bands/artists went unnoticed… (I put a link over here from STWOF.)

  • Brendan

    Word up Paul. you’re too kind. How many other bands went unnoticed? well our list is at about 120 and counting.. heh, jk.. honestly though, enough to keep us at it forever. I do hope they will all get their due eventually. Like last night, I noticed there is a Remains track in the movie Superbad (tho it didin’t make the sountrack). Anyways, thanks Paul.

  • fishspit

    hey . . . the blue things from kansas . . . i’m from missouri/arkansas . . . but kansas is my favorite state! so i had to check them out . . . it said they dyed their hair blue and played blue guitars . . . in mid-sixties kansas!
    that’s my pick for the greatest un-known band!
    i live in redmond washington now and it’s slow at the library i work at, i don’t have a computer at home so i’m taking advantage . . . just bugging you . . . fishspit out.

  • yo fishpit. thanks for the bug. did you notice Jason had reviewed The Blue Things back in march?
    good call too! see you at the library.

  • Damonk

    I think this band was an opening act for one of the beatles US tous

  • bob

    Sundazed just released a super luxe MONO version of this slab! Bought it the other day in Nashville at Grimey’s Music. Downstairs from Grimey’s is a small club called The Basement, and on Wednesday, August 10, 2011, I was lucky enough to SEE THE REMAINS LIVE!!!! Barry lives here in Nashville, and the other guys flew in. You have never seen such a quivering mass of anticipation. I stepped out for a smoke during their take on “Like a Rolling Stone”, and I’m damned if they didn’t sound like a bunch of teenagers! It was truly a transcendent evening. Barry told tales of touring with the Beatles in 1966, his voice still clear as a bell. What a night. The Sundazed release is the first MONO mix available since the initial pressing — the label remixed for stereo months after its original release and didn’t tell Barry! Again, a once-in-a-lifetime night.

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