:::: Top Ten Rediscovered Gems of 2007

In lieu of a best reissues of 2007 list, we’ve scoured a host of popular music blogs, mostly using The Hype Machine and elbo.ws, to pin down many of this year’s most resurgent tracks. It’s always like when one of these gems finds an overdue reappraisal, proving its time-worn strength and offering hope that a perfect time and place exists for music’s true lost treasures.

Flying Burrito Brothers – Sin City
I can’t figure exactly why the Burritos were back in style this year. Maybe it had something to do with their Amoeba Records live archive reissue [an aquarium drunkard] that came out this year, but every where I turned the cosmic American heroes were popping up this year, this masterful track prevalent.

Harry Nilsson – The Beehive State
Between buzz from the new Nilsson documentary [aquarium drunkard] and an LCD Soundsystem cover version of Harry’s powerhouse Jump Into The Fire, Nilsson and the shandemonium shadow pole is back this year. Perhaps his 2007 prowess was spurred on by the late 2006 full album covering of Pussy Cats by a band called The Walkmen. As any of his material from any time is always stunning, and Nilsson is on in general, above is a track from the fantastic Nilsson Sings Newman.

13th Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House
The Elevators have been in vogue for a while now, but this was a great year for Roky Erickson. There was a new documentary out this year entitled You’re Gonna Miss Me and Roky performed at select showings [speed of dark] with his band The Explosives. And now just another excuse to post the official track of this blog, SLIP INSIDE THIS HOUSE (complete with artificial rising storm sfx).

Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine
The 40th anniversary of Piper At The Gates of Dawn saw a luxurious reissue [mainstream isn’t so bad], although Jason will tell you it’s complete BS to leave out demo tracks like Vegetable Man and Scream Thy Last Scream. The album was finally restored to its proper mono Syd Barrett mix and Astronomy Domine recaptured the ear of many.

The Monks – Monk Time
Punk precursors and energetic experimental popsters The Monks got their due in spades [20 jazz funk greats]. Black Monk Time is as essential as it gets and maybe the only reason we haven’t reviewed it yet is its overwhelming presence elsewhere in 2007! Their fantastic single Love Came Tumblin’ Down did make our mix tape, however.

The Modern Lovers – She Cracked
The Modern Lovers’ landmark self-titled debut was finally reissued in the US this year and it seemed to strike a chord [said the gramophone] with just about every blog I check. This album was recorded in 1973, amazingly sharp and ahead of its time.

The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard
A few years ago groups like the Strokes brought back the immediate raw rock appeal of classic groups like the Velvet Underground. After a tiresome flood of Strokes copycats, the bands making a name for themselves today are smartly harkening to deeper depths in the garage and psych vein. Namely among them is therisingstorm.net’s favored modern group, The Black Lips, often pegged for their Seeds influence [gorilla vs bear]. (I also find their sound resembles that of The Outsiders.)

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning
Lee Hazlewood is an unforgettable music producer that passed away in 2007 [some velvet blog]. His work with Nancy Sinatra on the album Nancy & Lee is monumental and the one-of-a-kind Some Velvet Morning received much warranted attention.

2. & 1.
The Kinks – Strangers
The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow
And topping the list! The credit here must go to Wes Anderson, whose brilliant films give new life time and again to some of the best unknown gems [the yellow stereo] ever recorded. Seeing these two from Lola Vs. Powerman put to image, for me, was breathtaking; it brought to focus the emotional appeal in these tracks that had been hiding from the populous, who hadn’t even known they wanted it. From the film, Darjeeling Limited. (To new friends of this album by The Kinks, don’t miss their earlier material or the well-worth-it Muswell Hillbillies [stwof].)

To finish off I thought I would include a few favorites that are new to me in 2007. Nothing mind shattering and totally arbitrary, but what the hell. Of course, credit for pointing the way goes to Jason, as always, so thanks Jay. **************************************************************************************

The Flatlanders – Tonight I’m Gonna Go Downtown
I’ve made a full on switch from country rock to straight up country this year, and still haven’t heard a more lonesome twang, laid back swing, or real deal perfect country record than The Flatlanders. Love this album every second [so well remembered].

Doug Sahm & Band – Is Anybody Going To San Antone
Yeah, I can’t help it with the country rock but this Doug Sahm cat can really invade your psyche. There is something so simple and familiar to each of his tunes, yet they all live fine and strong on their own. I had always thought the Sir Douglas Quintet was just another mod clone, but they are their own beast entirely. Special thanks to IV, of course, for that monster eye roll when I didn’t know who Sahm was, earlier this year!

Bobby Charles – I Must Be In A Good Place Now
This album hit me like a brick recently. It’s like a continuation of The Band with a whole new angle, so real and immediately pleasing, but continuing to stay with me.

Thanks for reading.

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  • A.J

    Just discovered your blog, kenny and the kasuals, the elevators, the seeds, must be christmas, as a bit of garage and punk (60’s, 70’s and now) fan i’ll be keeping tabs on your blog, seasons greetings

  • Click ‘Garage’ under ‘Rock Type’ on the sidebar and you can get a list of the garage bands we’ve already mentioned. My favorite so far is The Savages, they tear it up. I’m waiting for J to do something on this album The Contents Are he keeps talking about. Also, you have to check out Garage Hangover, in our links section.

    Glad you found us, A.J, comments like yours are all the fuel we need.

  • you guys rock!!
    in an old school, lots of hiss type of way.
    Everyone likes a little hiss right??

  • Monk Time?!?!?!? I just downloaded that track.
    They freak me out real good.
    The monk’s are very good subway listening music. I like to bob my head and listen to the words!

  • Patrick Cichy

    Is Anybody Going to San Antone – what a tune. And what an album with Dylan and Dr John in the backing band!

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