Truck “Surprise! Surprise!”

Despite turning in one of the best forgotten pop records of the psych era, not much information can be found on the Malaysian band Truck. This may be due to their somewhat generic name, though I suspect it was their incredibly short lived existence as  a side project from the group “The October Cherries” that relegated them to obscurity.

Comprised of a fellow named Diaz and two brothers named Shotam, Truck released only one album, 1974’s Surprise, Surprise. The songs are solid throughout and certainly wouldn’t have been out of place on American radio of the time. On first listen, “Surprise, Surprise” certainly recalls “Odessy and Oracle”, but a few spins will reveal a strong Paul McCartney influence, especially the Wings-like use of the moog.

The vocals are reminiscent of Graham Nash, although I actually prefer Truck’s vocalist better. His doubletracked voice expertly navigates the songs, from the confident recitation of “Earth Song” to the soulful emoting of “Broken Chair”.

The most surprising aspect of this record is how consistent the songs are. There really isn’t a dud here- even the goofiness of “Take me Ohio” dissappears after multiple listens and becomes one of the more enjoyable tunes .

Surprise Surprise is a superbly crafted record, and it’s a shame not much more was ever heard of Truck. Luckily it has been reissued on Spanish label Guerssen, so it is relatively easy to find.

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“Surprise, Surprise”

:D CD Reissue | 2004 | Guerssen | buy here ]
:) Orig Vinyl | 1972 | search ebay ]

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  • Matt B

    Agree. I absolutely love this record. It reminds me a lot of the best Merry-Go-Round or Emitt Rhoads tracks.

  • Jason

    Never heard of this one but it sounds very good – gotta have this one….excellent review Frank…

  • Frank

    Thank you. This album absolutely floored me the first time I heard it. It’s hard to imagine that something so good could be buried for so long, but that’s what The Rising Storm is here for.

    If anyone ever finds any music by Truck’s parent group “The October Cherries”, please drop me a line here. I’m still searching…

  • Ian

    yes surprise surprise, surprised myself too by being born that year – this music reminds me of We All Together, band from Peru, good tunes

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