Sync: Stan Brakhage + The Soft Machine

Stan Brakhage – Water For Maya


start youtube.
play mp3 soon thereafter.

mp3: The Soft Machine – Out Of Tunes

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  • All hail the mighty, mighty The Soft Machine, and the most glorious free sound they brought to the universe.

    But were Hugh listening?

  • Jason

    Matching Mole, which is your favorite Soft Machine album? The first two are more avante garde psychedelia while the standout albums from the jazz-rock era are 3 and 4. Great band, one of the best!

  • My favorite depends on my mood. The Fourth if I’m feeling free-jazzy, and the First if I’m feeling Canterbury-psychedelic. I find the Second and Third hit-or-miss. And, of course, the Matching Mole albums are all spectacular.

    Lately, the Seventh is what I’ve been listening to the most. It is the most amazing fusion record I’ve ever heard and is amazingly satisfying, even if Wyatt isn’t in the band.

  • dk

    Thanks for the recco. I’m pulling the Roxy disc out right now for a listen…

    Wait a minute – I seem to be in the wrong comment bin!

  • stan brakhage is the man.

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